Mist Club 2nd Anniversary.

Last minute plans to head down to Mist for their second anniversary ;
VIP free flow passes intact, lovey came along with me.

Got there around 9pm and the place was swarmed with guests of the event.

met up with sherriebunnie and gagaloo for some shotts by the barr.

had a few shots then mingled you around ;

Matt and I.

it got kinda hot and sweaty so we went inside.

met up with the other darlinggs

Edwin and I.

the russian bestie's little cousin, Kenneth and I.

Sherrie, Eevon and cousin.

JHao and I ;

kisses for the girls.

Terry, Jeslyn and Sean.

justt fooling around ;
got quite tipsy when it was only bout midnight, which is kinda early but we were there since 9pm and the booze never stopped flowing ohmygod.

Kevin and Jeslyn.

Annie and I.

Hahaha look at Calvin's face, lol.

Jeaniebaby and I.
Havent seen this girl in ages and all of all places I bumped into her there? lol.


super cmi faces ;

headed down to the dancefloor and boy was it packedddd.
one thing about Mist is that it feels like a friggin sauna everytimee.


love her!
shes so spontaneously funny all the time hahaha.

yepp this was how packed it was, ohmygod.

had a great night, most of us ended up hammered. TOO-MUCH-BOOZE.
whole bodyache + a slight hangover the next morning.

till then!



reader said…
hey stephanie, was just wondering what is the color of your hair? its nice. :)
stephiielim said…
Its a dark brown/ash , colored too many times I dont know what is it now lol.

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