firstofjunenineteenninety ;

I might not be the luckiest person in the world, but I am truly blessed.
Blessed with a close-knit family, friends who I dearly care about and vice versa, I think that is more than I can ask for.

This week has been full of surprises, spontaneity and a huge chunk of 'living the good life ;)'.

My first birthday surprise and cake was in Melbourne, Australia. Where the dear friend of mine, took me out for dinner and then surprised me with a yummy chocolate birthday cake where I received a birthday song and blew out my candles with the other buddies. Not forgetting an earlier dinner we had in Draculas Cabaret and Restaurant ; pictures will be up soon. Still in the midst of transferring everything into the new macbookpro I got from daddy :D

Then on the eve of my birthday, my sister and lovey Jes planned something up & a few of the others dropped by my place with a cake and presents for another round of surprises!

got forced to pull the candle out of the cake with only my teeth ; thanks to the sis who pushed me face flat on my cake, I ended up having pink stains on my face -.-
then to ecoba for drinks after.

on my actual birthday date, the parents organized a dinner with close friends and relatives at Damansara Palace ;

me and my family ;
the lovely cake chose by mommy and aunt.
many surprises during the dinner too, pssss, it involves a lot of RED.

then, when the weekend came ..
the girls and I checked into the junior suite at Renaissance :D
ah bliss!
we chilled by the pool, flipped through magazines while sipping on lemonade.

later on we had a wonderful girlie dinner at Cafe Cafe.

then after dinner .. PARTIED THE NIGHT AWAY AT ZOUK! ;D

I really did have a blast throughout the whole entire week, not only I managed to celebrate my birthday in two different continents but also with people who means a lot to me. The elaborate planning and effort done by everyone, I appreciate it a lot. Best birthday ever, nothing more I could ask for; Happy 21st Birthday to myself, now its back to reality heehee.

till then!


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