Food Review - 69 Bistro

A few months back, I had the pleasure to join fellow MHB darlings for a food review at a place called 69 Bistro. Where's this bistro you might ask? It located at Metropolitan Square Mall, Damansara Perdana. I've noticed this place everytime I was on the way to PJ Trade Center, but I never took the chance to explore this bistro I grew to like.

You will see why soon ;)

So to start of this post, here's a pretty little picture of me and the girls Michelle and Nicole holding our glass of Jaz Fresh Beer, our company for the night haha! A drink that refreshes our palates throughout this food tasting session mmm!

Here's me and Michelle pouring our own drinks through the keg of Jaz Fresh Beer.
Bear in mind that Jaz Fresh contains no additives or preservatives, it is strictly unfiltered and unpasteurised, leaving behind a notable amount of live yeast that keeps the beer 'alive'.

Filtering the yeast removes most of the B vitamins and other nutriens like chromium therefore it can be said that unfiltered beers are more nutritious. No more excuses needed to enjoy a fresh glass of beer now! And Jaz Fresh is made from the finest natural ingredients and has a 7-day shelf life policy and is stored under optimum conditions to maintain the beer quality.

Jaz Fresh is best enjoyed at 3* Celsius. The beer is cloudy and golden in colour. Jaz Fresh is a medium bodied beer balanced with a delicate touch of hops which leaves a fragrant aroma and balanced flavour. Inspired by the German style beer brewing tradition, the natural-gentle carbonisation complements the hops aroma with a pleasant bitterness.

For some one who doesnt really enjoys beer, I found this specific one to be utterly tasteful and I did enjoy my every glass! :D

69 Bistro not only serves alcohol but they do cater for the non-alcoholics too. Vast variety of freshly squeezed juices and also hot drinks are available on the menu! I recommend the unique mixes of juices as the taste is really special, we had one that reminded us the flavor of sugus!

So lets get started with the food shall we?

For appetizers we had, Golden crispy - rm8.50.

It was crispy, yummy and tasty! whats not to like?
I sure did enjoy this dish. So I was already getting started, then come the second dish which is the Deep-Fried Tofu served with coleslaw fillings - rm8.30.

Empty tofu pockets, fried to the ultimate crisp - eaten with the coleslaw fillings provided. Suitable for vegetarians!

Michelle looks like she enjoyed the appetizer as she chowed down on the
Deep fried tofu! :D

The next dish would be the Ayam Penyet - rm12.90.
This is a homemade indonesian flavoured fried chicken served with steam rice, fried tofu and 'tempe'.

I liked the flavor of the chicken didnt expect it to be tasting like that and the rice is special indonesian rice, fragant and smaller grains! :D

Then we had the Chicken chop with mushroom sauce - rm15.90

Not your average chicken chop as the sauce is home-made mushroom goodness! Creamy till the last drop, ain't like some typical diluted ones most restaurant serves nowadays.

Last but not least the Pan Fried Mee Hoon - rm10.90

After all the delicious food, what a better way to chill with my glass of Jazz Fresh Beer and some chit chat with the girlies :)

Nicole tried out the tarot card reader at the bistro. (YES! They have tarot card readings too but only on certain days. Make sure to call if you want to have your fortune read, hehe).

A very intimate yet intense moment though.

The bistro is well dimmed/lighted and decorated with really unique pieces making the place cosy and homely for those who are looking for a place to catch up with old friends, or even small gathering, maybe even a simple dinner!

Anyone should come over and check out the place & food on your own as my visit was already worth the trip.
Anyways last but not least pictures with the girls, Andy and of course the owner of 69 Bistro!

Till then!

Sixty Nine Bistro
E-111 Metropolitan Square Mall, Jalan PJU 8/1,
Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820, Petaling Jaya Selangor
Tel : +603-7722 4428


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