penang | 10th of June.

So we had a short vacation two weeks back. Travelled up north to Penang, the whole family of mine.

the Penang Bridge, well part of it.
checked into Gurney Hotel & this was the view from our suite, share with my sister.
Was kinda big for just the two of us.

Right after we checked in, had lunch at the Japanese restaurant below our hotel called Ichiban.
then off to Gurney Plaza for some shopping while daddykins went for some golfing with his buddies.

Outfit of the day.
Top : Valley Girl
Bottom : Sungai Wang
Bag : Longchamp
Shoes : *iforgotthename,oops!*
Scarf : Forever 21
Cardi : Zara

There wasnt much to buy *duhh, who goes to Penang to shop right?* so we had some bubbletea & corn in a cup , lol. Walked all the way back to our hotel after that.

had dinner at daddys friends restaurant then we headed to South Quay since it was newly opened. Its a marina/port like place, with cafe's all around. And of the whole mall we spotted a very VERY unique concept cafe. Guess what? :D

Okayy, there's a big hint right where i'm pointing.

our new boyfriend, hahaha jokes.

you know, charlie brown from snoopy? yes it's THAT charlie brown.
went in and surveyed around.

they were selling collectible items related to Snoopy the comic and also plush toys and yada yada. Everything was extreeeeemely cute inside!

from the interior to the wonderful colourful lights on the ceiling ; gives out this cheerful mood when you step in.

The best part was the drinks and also cakes/pastries!
some had the characters faces on them.

then we headed to some german bar for drinks with the parentals friends.
back to the hotel room then it was day two.

Erin and I skipped the breakfastt, cause we kinda woke up late.
Headed for some durian buffet straight.

the lovely sisterr.

so we were at some alley with a corner shop selling all types of durians.
& I mean a whole lots of types. We had almost 15 durians on the table and I heard it costs about RM600? SIXFREAKINHUNDRED for DURIANS. Craaaazy. Was so bloated after this feastt.

so then, Erin wanted "Char Kuay Teow" sooooo badly that we stopped along gurney drive for the most talked about hawker stalls hunting for a specific order 'salted egg char kuay teow'. Found a spot and stall ordered this drink.

Minuman Keko, tasted like normal herbal drink.
Anyways Gurney Drive ..

sister and me.

someone happily queuing up for her meal.


after two plates *two very tiny plates* we adjourned back to the hotel room ;
where me and sis decided to stay back and laze by the pool before dinner while the parents headed out with their friends.

the view around the pool, of the pool & some effect I was trying to project with my recently bought bubble gun lol.

Erin just chilling theree, lol.

When the sky got darker, we realized it was 8pm something? Went up to the room and got distracted by some movie showing, by the time we headed out it was 9pm plus. Headed to Bali Hai for dinner. Yes I know its overly priced and packed with touristy people but hey, the cooking was delicious the last time I came.

The variety of fresh seafood ; from lobsters to geoduck, prawns and clams.

so after we ordered, sat down and waited for our food to arrive.
we were starving like mad.

Erin very happy to see food hahahahaha, kiddingg.
so we ordered clams.

stir fried clams with spring onions, super delicious!

Sharksfinsoup ; the didnt stinge on the ingredients thats what I liked, and ooh it wasnt starchy at all.

Deep fried squid. Crispy and not too floured.

Salted Egg Crab, my favourite! Dry and crisp.

After a very satisfying meal, a friend of mine suggested I check out a place called Crepe Cottage along side Gurney Drive. I thought why not, since its on the way back to the hotel. We were so over stuffed but we still tried out their signature pancake!

Trust me, it was a hard choice to make choosing which dessert we wanted.
The variety was amazing!

This picture sure didnt do the place any justice ;
the interior was cosy and comfy. Very nice for couples and families.

Anyway here's the fruity pancake we ordered!

so sinful!

after a heavy load of food in our tummies we were satisfied, it was off to bed then since we had an early morning.

Day three consisted of checking out, breakfast & another durian fest. Ohmygod.
This time we had to drive somewhere really deep inside I-DONT-KNOW-WHERE.
& same as the day before had to devour 10+ durians?

so after having our so called "lunch" all of us headed back to kayelle, thank god there wasnt any jam!

till then!


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