Daryl's Farewell | Ecoba.

So once again I had to bid farewell to my dear bro who had to leave once again due to work obligations, at least this time it isn't to another end of the world.

The bunch had plans to meet at Ecoba for drinks & tidtad of chatter.

on the way there with Erin who's busy disturbing me while I drive.

once I sat down here comes Catherine "Babeeeee *chikchak*" lol.

Joel & Lylia, Erin's face couldnt fit in hahahaha.

monopoly deal.

Erin, me, Cath and Daryl.

Cynthia, Sherrie & Jes.

new heels ; must show abit lol.

Erin, me & Cath ;
they had beer while I sipped on wine and Erin having a NON-ALCO drink.

the guyyyyys.

ermmm, okay so yeapp.

Anyways, I've known Daryl for almost a decade now ;
he's been there for me through ups and downs , and seen me grow up lol.
wish him the best & we'll all miss youuuuuu.

Its a short post I know, but I promise a better one next.
Here's a hint, its about my blackberry heehee.

did some major slight upgradingg ;
ITS PINK NOW! ahh so cutee hehe.

till thennnn, x.


Anonymous said…
hey! :) where did you get your wedges from? so gorgeous :) love your taste!
stephiielim said…
heys, got it from Charles & Keith (:

You'd be interested in . . .