✈ Melbourne ♡ 2011 [pt. I] ✈

I spent my first semester break in Melbourne, if you follow my tweets and all that you would know exactly when haha. Anyways I took more than a thousand pictures when I was there but I managed to minimize it to eight hundred and its all up on my facebook but I have no idea how many "parts" am I gonna do for the blog of mine. I think I would die of typing it all out haha.

Anyways, it was my first time traveling alone and boy was it scary for me!
But it was definitely an experience & I have to thank mommy for everything, love love her. It was my 21st birthday gift and I was more than happy to accept heehee.

I was all alone in the airport after checking through immigration and stuff, carrying my luggages, I almost died.

while waiting to board the plane!
thank god mommy booked emirates for me, I was thrilled not to have gone with airasia, 8 hours of cramping is a deff no no.
up up here we go!

It was day time when I boarded the plane, around 3pm. First day time flight for me ever.
& the best part was that I got 3 seats to myself! haha.

the food served on emirates was good, but I like the fact that they gave me chocolates. Something to munch on while watching movies. Oh and not forgetting hot looking MALE stewardess hehee.

the sun was setting very early due to the different timezones and all, and I was already thinking about home D: omg im helpless.

but overall I had a good sleep & woke up a little past twelve.
at the airport I had Julius & Leyvin waiting to pick me ;

and he tooked me on a short tour around the city ;
can you imagine we got lost for a bit? lol. what a great tour guide haha.
settled in my temporary home for a month and snoozed the night away!

woke up the next morning and walked around the city center.
thats why I love Australia!
its so easy to get around.

made a stop by QV for teatime and chilled at Max Brenner's.

the oh-so-raved about waffles and hot choc made me pretty excited to try them out!

Leyvin, blonde. It was quite weird haha.

Edwin stopped by as well.

yours truly (;

their hot chocolates was served in a hug mug which was uberrr cuteee!
& they added tiny choco-balls inside some crunch ; it was really creamy and rich, but nice sipping on it during the cold chilly weather.

Lo-behold the very much talked about waffles!
Imagined I almost finished it all by myself lol.
I loved how the strawberries were so fresh and juicy & the vanilla icecream was delish!

after that the boys helped me out by getting me, my own phone line at a shop nearby.

did some exploration on my own while they waited and found a really cute bakery shop nearby;

macarons, cupcakes and tiffany-inspired cakes!
all so cuteeee :D

did a bit more walking around but retired to bed early that night as I was pretty tired.

next day, woke up early & met Patrick up at Swanston St for lunch.

we had thai food!

one thing about dining in australia is that you should share meals, the portions are so hugeee!
then went & grabbed bubblemilktea after that, typical asian of me haha.

I am so craving for this particular jelly called 'kanten' that specifically have only in Tea Up /:

after that he took me for some shopping around Myer's and David Jones.

camwhoring in the lifts and malls ;
so touristy of me harhar.

when nightfalls it started to drizzle abit but that didnt stop me from further surveying around.

I think its called Bourke St.
I'm quite bad at remembering road names and such so mind me if I made a mistake.

lovely views in the center of the city.

later on we met up with Julius and Elaine for dinner at Lygon St.
The famed Italian street of Melbourne, or that I was told hahaa.

had dinner at a cafe sitting outside braving the cold winds ;

seafood pasta.

garlic prawn risotto.

garlic lamb cutlets.


we ordered some other dishes but I was too hungry and went straight to eating hahahha.
Had a glass of wine to compliment the beef and did some catching up with the bunch.

Wanted to get some gelato after but we totally forgot about the time hence the shops were all closed by then. So went back to the apartment & continued drinking while playing monogamy. Good times (:

till the next post!



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