Had my blackberry upgraded in every aspect possible.
It was time for a change, plus I was still on the OS5.

Left : Catherine's phone.
Right : My new pinkberry!

Changed the whole casing except the black part, forgotten what's it called, to a pearl baby pink.
It looks more like a neon pink here but its due to the flash ; ohwells, works both ways heehee.

very girly, no?
It feels so dainty and look so cute now that when I look at it I smile hahahahaha.

& the bestt part is the ...

Rainbow keypad!

chioooooo max
uberr love for the colourful lights everytime I press a button ;
asked Eric tons of question about the keypad light, cause I wanted it to be a bit more pinkish or something, BECAUSE under normal lighting when you're looking at the coloured paper you would have never guessed it would turn out this way. There were greens and blues, I freaked cause I dont really fancy green and didnt want it to turn out like the hulk *haha, jokes* so I asked him whether its possible to put more pink paper. He said no, cause thats the right combo and promised I would like the results ... and I DID! okay major bimbo moment solved :p

After the whole transformation, an upgrade for my OS, housing change, keypad lights, blabla.
I had a super cute phone! It felt new, infact its like the blackberry bold 3 now too me.

deffo love my phone more now. But guys, if there's any reading, do not fret plenty of manly colour for you to choose from too! Keypad lights can also be chosen if you want to have full orange, green, whatever floats your boat.

To fulfill the whole cuteness package ..

I got my pinkberry a Hello Kitty cover!

I'm a happy doll :D

check out for customization or accesories for blackberry or iPhone.
contact information available on the website itself.

till then ,


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