shitdisco | labourday, zoukclub.

so it was Labour's day eve or something, all I remembered it was a Sunday & it was a public holiday on Monday. After a late night yumcha session nearby, we made a spontaneous decision to head down to Zouk, lo-behold it was already 1.30am when one them suggested the idea.

I didnt believe it, but I just tagged along thinking it was a joke and that we were heading somewhere else.

Next thing I know, we were infront of Zouk attending Shitdisco.

On the way down to Zouk.
no traffic at all as I remembered ;D

the boys!
collin & nick

a bottle of bubbly; I wasnt in my party mood that night since it was all unplanned.
but I did enjoy the music & watching the crowd.

the usuals were there too ;
alvin & I.

backstageaction muahahaha ;
the crowd was wild!

blink doing crowd surfing.

people I didnt expect to see there ... hahaha ..

collin, siddeq, daniel, nick.

its been awhile since I last saw kamarul, still as jolly as before.

I dont know what they were starring at, couldnt recall but like I said.
The crowd was so hyped up! not bad for a Sunday nightt.

till then , xx.


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