21st Birthday (pt. II)

So the fourth celebration fell on the weekends ;
the girls and I met up at One Utama for lunch at, where else, Sushi Zanmai muahahaha.


Erin and Lyliaa.

Was playing with Lylia's DSLR hence the plenty random shots of random things.
after lunch all of us headed to kayelle. Checked in at Renaissance, Kuala Lumpur.

we were almost at the highest floor, with a slight peep over of the KL Towers.

Anyhoos, our suite was spacious enough for the four of us!
major loveee.

The lounge.

The bedroom.

and two bathroom/toilets!
so easy for us girls to get ready, loads of mirrors and vanity space for us :)

after unpacking and settling in, we headed down to the pool.

sadly it was tad bit gloomy by the time we got down /: no more tanning sobbs.

Jeslyn and I.

chilling by the pool reading Cosmo, major lovee!!

everyone was basically just chilling, with the breezy winds passing by, so relaxing!
didnt wanna swim just incase we get to exhausted by nightfall.

treats by the pool?

Catherine came by later in the eveningg.

by evening, all of us girlies headed back up.
got dolled up and ready for dinner!

the weird things and poses they make the birthday girl do, lol.

the most lovable sister in the worldd!
lovee her to deathhh.


Dinner was at Cafe Cafe along Jalan Maharajalela.

heard many good reviews and couldnt wait to try the place out ;
as we entered the ambience was cosy and lights were properly dimmed.
it exuded more of a romantic, comfy surrounding, more specifically a great place for couples and such.

almost all the tables around us were seated with couples, having wine and enjoying their together time. while we bunch of girlies sat and started talking *softly-ahemms* and giggling, hahaha.

yours truly.

Jeslyn & Catherine.

Erin dearest :)

Erin me and Lylia.

birthday girl, me.
& my ladies!

headed back to the suite after, to get ready for the night!

that will be up in my next post or two heeehee.

Zouk Mainroom

& the epicness that came the day afterr.

hangover faces.

till thennnnn!



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