more to come?

Last week, he took me out for dinner and kept me anxiously guessing where we were heading to.

hmm, sneaaaky sneaky!

G-Tower, lift up to Tanzini.

So, we finally reached our destination, G Tower, Kuala Lumpur.

Found out that we're gonna have dinner at Tanzini! :)

happy much.

Poser much? hehe.

I was starving when we got there ; ordered two appetizers (soups), our own separate mains, and a dessert to share! Of course a glass of wine accompanying all the yummy dishes.

So for appetizers we had :

Tiger Prawn Bisque

Wild Mushroom Soup

While waiting for our main courses, we headed outside to the patio to check out the view.
what do ya'll think?

Gorgeous city lights, lighting up the sky at night!

The Intermark, on the other side.

yours trulyy ;

The waiter informed us that our main course were ready and we headed back to the table ;

So I ordered the US Scallops Risotto.

Thick juicy scallops, with fresh baby asparagus and a layer of cheese on top! I likeee :D

For him, Rib-Eye steak with beetroot sauce? Okay I forgot what it was called but something like that harhar.

yummy? mouth watering?

And for dessert we ordered Chocolate Lava Cake!
I praaaaayed that it would turn out like the one at The Olive, Genting.

mmm, yummy ooey gooey chocolate!

so happy to find somewhere nearer than Genting to satisfy my HUGE chocolate craving :D

After dinner, we adjourned to The View, a rooftop bar located at the same place, G Tower.
it had a similar concept to Skybar, Lunabar and the likes. But overall not bad. Not over crowded yet.

The lights, music and ambience fits well :)

was trying out some camera effects heehee.




Okay i'm loving the new technique I found on my camera, yay!


with the wonderful view of the Twin Towers behind.

Us both :D

Yours trulyy and the purrdy purrddy lightts nyeknyek.

Champange + Mangojuice for me, and a beer for him, harhar.

A great picture to end a wonderful nightt ;

Happy happy me!

thanks for everything ;



An unrelated eventt, sometime on the same week ;

had dinner with one of my gfs at Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co. at the Curve.
as jakun as I might sound, but it was my first time there lol.

No other pictures from dinner, only that BECAUSE we were madly starving to death ;
OMG. Once the food came we chowed down non-stop while catching up etc.


anyways, after our filled tummies we headed to Overtime at Giza for drinks with the other two boys.


Bimbiboo, me, Misterpotato and ShyRyan.

two lobsters at our table harhar.

& Then guess who came to join us!

misterpotato, Christiana, Bimbiboo and yours truly heehee.

not bad for a weeknight out ;
so random and spontaneous, in between hoped from here to another place like bunnies! lawl.

till then peopleeee! signing out.



x, lovelove.


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