outings, traveling and anything else in between.

a post, not clubbing related lol.

anyways, almost a month ago. we checked into Crown Regency again, its like we've been doing it almost every weekend. This time we took the biggest suite, in hopes that it'll be spacious enough.

three bedrooms, a kitchen, lounge, dinning area and washrooms around ;
it was spacious enough.

since four of us (me, baby, Kevin & Jun) were the earliest there we headed to Pavilion. The rest came laterr ; thats when the party got started and things got messy.

Collin, Cath, Kevin and Jun hiding behind him.

these two kidds, tsk tsk.

finally caught her lol.
Chung & Cath.

Fabbie and his toyy.

Collin & Eason getting all cosy snuggling up together lol.

Gary, Cath ;

two bottles of absolut and two bottles of bacardi ;
the blacks came laterr. explains why everyone was almost gonee.

Kevin doing some choresss.
anyways we didnt take ANY picture during the whole night of games and fun.
maybe cause a lot of dirty secrets had to be kept? I passed out early, had to much to drink. So I wonder whose, haha lol.

the morning afterr ;

everyone was pretty much hungover. all quiet and sleeeepy ;

headed to Pavilion after for lunch and some catching up.

Eason, Ben, Collin.

Chung and Bryan.

camwhorers, Jun, Kevin, Eason and Ben smiling so happily.

baby & I ;
it was soooo sunny!


Then weeks after, me and boo headed back to his hometown for his grandmama's birthdayy ;
I had a presentation that day, so once I was done, off it was to the airport.
we were in a hurry & the jam didnt help!

finally we got to the airport on time.

before boarding the planeeee ;

I loveee the clouuds.

got there in time for the grand dinner ;
had so much fun with boo's relatives.

then we headed out with his cousins at nightt, was pretty tired when we got home.
slept for a couple of hours or so and woke up super early to catch the first flight back home.

our pretty much tired facess ;

he was so lazyy to walk pfffft :p

had a great timee ; & short getaway from the cityy, love lovee itt!


few weeks back, I threw a BBQ at my place for the friendds ;
boo, sis and coussie helped out A LOT. with grocery shopping & prepping everything for the BBQ.

It was just nice when everyone arrivedd ;
and mumsie and daddykins joined the fun :DD

Tiff, Jenna and Chung.

Sebastian next to Daddy and his alcoholtowerr ;

everyone bonding & catchingg up mhmm :)

boys and beer ;

and we had some games and ghost story going on.

the lastt ones left almost 6am ;
we were so tiredd. crashed then afterr.
guess everyone had fun :)

this sums a part of what i've been doing , till the other updatees!



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