partyy all nightt ;

compilation of zoukie nightts ;
I shall do this from now onwards! just a couple of nights or so, out clubbing and put them in one post! heehee. so these pictures are from about a month ago.

visual eye candy ;)

yours trulyy ;

Cynthia, me, Ester.

Cath, Seewai, me.

Cyn, Jemmywemmy, me.

me, Simon, Collin.

Ezra, me and Juniorrr.



me & Yong Xian.

the girlsss.

me? lol.

where was I looking hmm.
Collin, Erin, me and Cath.

heheheh ♥

Zana, me and Nelsonn.


me, Stefanie Chua & friend.

anddd another one! :)

Zlwin the magician Chew.

Ezra prolly starring at some chick, againn.

Yong Xian.


my crazy korean friendd ; Leo Gaen.


Cath, Amelia, Seewai and me.


& Ezra again, lol.

StephJN, Juan and me.

silly faces!

gorgeous sis and me ♥

me & Bebe :)

busy busyy man ;

me, Christiana, Ka Poh & Audrey.

the boyyys ;

KiKi and me.

Erin, Kevin and Collin.

Reugene and me ; candid!

sis & me ♥

me & simon ;

peaceee outtt!

till the next one;
it just keeps getting betterrr heehe.


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