Vance & Sharen's Wedding Dinner.

Family's friends daughter got married awhile back ;
attended the wedding with the family & it was such a joyous occasion.

weddings make me tear, especially when the couple is sooooo sweet and loveydovey, aww.

Erin, Sharen *the bride*, Goldie and me.
How time passes so fastt ;
it was just a while back where we were still young lolol.

me and my sis, which is growing up very quickly as well!

Erin and Lylia.

me and daddykins ;
oh what poserrs, he's so cuteeee hehehe love muh daddy much :D

& outfit for the night !

Blazer : Miss Selfridge
Dress : Supre
Bag : Gucci
Heels : Aldo


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