look at the starrs, the color shines for youu ;


Hey there ; short personal updates.
Life has been treating me well.

Glad that, even if I fall, I could stand back on my feet again.

Not to say I fell hard harhar, but I was trying to find my balance once more through some rough patches I have been going through this year. I finally found some contentment in things I have to myself. It might not be awesome to some but I love and appreciate what I have/do now, couldnt ask for more ;

Its hard to share everything in public, especially when I do enjoy writing stuff like this long time ago, but everyone is there to judge you, hence, certain things are better left unsaid.

The early start of this year was shit, but it slowly picked up from then after.

Did silliest things like, late night drinking by the road side in a sexaaayy convertible, talking about life and future goals, to random trips up to Genting where I first stepped inside Genting's casino! haha. Getting more involved in things I love doing, putting more effort into them (I'm finally seeing some results, yay!) Catching up with long lost friends (well not that long and lost but I had to give up and sacrifice a part of my freedom cause of someone and somethings) who inspires me, people who gave me great advices about life from things they've been through (how time flies and theyre all at the age of stability and settling down, haha! They must be 'old' :p) and where I go about from here, its a fresh start -- new risk, I'm being more spontaneous and outgoing then I've ever been, doing things that I never thought I would do, yes I can be shy like that eventhough I do not seem like the type of person who would be.

And as years passes me by, every year a new lesson, the smallest negative thing (i.e. gossips, backstabbing, etc) doesnt seem to bother me anymore, I guess one day we finally learn how to grow up and deal with things, instead of letting them affect and take control of your life. What's more important to be worried and thought off, and what to just brush of your shoulderrs. If you've been reading my blog for years, you'll know the issues I had to deal with. If you dont, I hope you feel encouraged after what I rambled above harhar. Even if I do go through the same shit every year, but with every lesson learnt, I find it easier and better to deal with, not necessarily I grew stronger, but I got wiser (; I've surrounded myself with positivity and go-with-the-flow attitude, taking baby steps along the way (It is never to late to realize and make up for lost time, as long as you do something about it lol), bye bye negativity and self destruction!

I'm glad that I went through all of that, something, someone put me through (I dont blame anyone by the way) because it made me see how much life awaits, and dont ever live in denial but look at the bigger picture! Yes I know you heard that many times, but you won't realize how true it is till you live through it.


Anyhoo's byebye waist length hair!

I've got a new color & hairstyle to match yeay ; after months of sticking to the same old same old.

Till a full length post!


p/s : It finally feels good to be writing about something like this, its been a long time & now it reminds me why I started to blog in the first place.


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