Mini updates!

Hello! I'm finally done with my semester for this year.
One month break, *phewww* some time to breath and relax.

I think I did quite badly for my Accounting paper tho /: prays hard I pass, cant afford to fail and waste another sem, I gotta graduate asap!

Anyways, pictures from diff events which I will updating about soon ;

Bell & Ross: Rebirth of the Classic

What I wore ;
Top : Cotton On, simple white strappy singlet.
Vest : Tempt, Australia.
Skirt : Vintage hunt somewhere, forgot.
Stockings : Forever 21.
Heels : Aldo
Bag : Chanel

Hennessy Artistry Halo at MIECC ;

Erica Ting and I at Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge ;

and those usual Zouk nights;
Jennifer Foh & I.

& I got to meet Far East Movement in person!
2 days before that I saw Mr 305, didnt get to meet him but oh his moveeees.

Attended Malaysia International Fashion Week at Zebra Square, KL.

this picture is odd, lol.
but yea one of them Zoukie nights again.

drinks with the girlfriends ; and also a food review, best pork burger ever! Stay tune to find out ;)
Naomi, yours truly and the Soh sisters!

Girls night out with sis and mommy, we invaded Zouk of dinner at Tanzini!

and of course I changed my hair color ; heeehee.
notice how many diff colors I had lol.

So stay tune for more pweetty pweeeetty pics and interesting posts!

Love ya'll.



Anonymous said…
OOo love your hair, how do you make it look so shiny and healthy even after changing colours often. Love it!
stephiielim said…
hello there, I maintain my hair by doing home treatments and fortnightly treatments at the saloon (:

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