Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge | March 2012 |

I'm sure many of you know Johnnie Walker. Well its the world's leading Scotch Whisky and also the number one preferred whisky in Malaysia.

Lo' behold, the infamous choice of whisky threw a grandeur of a party. Johnnie Walker's Black Circuit Lounge was back and made a stellar eventful night last March ;
Held at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS), we party goers got to experience the glamorous lifestyle of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and Johnnie Walker in one of the grandest VIP race parties Kuala Lumpur has ever seen, as Johnnie Walker continually innovates to bring exciting new consumer experiences to the Black Circuit Lounge for the best Formula One lifestyle experience. With a wow-ing crowd of more than 1,500 A-list guests and party go-ers were invited to party the night away Johnnie Walker style!


Johnnie Walker are the global partners of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1
™racing team since 2005 and today, they both share the values of innovation, winning and leadership. Johnnie Walker is known as an icon of personal progress, as an international, high-status, sophisticated and dynamic brand known by many, all around the world. With the infamous striding man, who wouldn't be able to recognize this well-known brand?


So lets focus on the party ;)
Not to be disappointed as it was a star-studded night filled with top Malaysian celebrities, models, and industry luminaries that graced the party and arrived in style on the "black" carpet before partying the night away.

Amongst others spotted the main character of the night definitely had to be Jenson Button making a special appearance!


Jenson Button came face to face with Malaysian A-listers and guests, to reinforce the commitment of Johnnie Walker to promoting responsible drinking. 

Jenson Button, who won the season-opening race in Melbourne, Australia, also signed the Johnnie Walker “" signature wall to pledge to never drink and drive. A huge note to all party goers anytime, anywhere!

A few of the A-list celebrities attending the stellar event.
From Hannah Tan, to host Dominic Lau, Jensen Button, Leng Yein, and Alex Yoong.


We got to have an experience where World Class mixologists, gave us a unique experience at a bar that was set-up as an experimental bar named "BLACK FLAVOUR LAB". The signature Johnnie Walker was infused with new and different techniques using the theme of green coconut, unlocking the signature big bold flavours of Johnnie Walker in a different but fresh way. We were also visually satisfied with a serve involving smoke by dropping dry ice into the blend. It was something pretty different!

Tom Jones, who was giving us a whisky mentoring session at the Gold Discovery Bar.
Didn't know that certain techniques or mixers do brings out the best flavours and uniqueness of Johnnie Walker's whisky.

So it was time to party the night away with my friends and everyone else attending the Black Circuit Lounge!


We were entertained by a star studded, international line up -- we were all ready and pumped up to party the night away!

But first, we had a grand celebration, when gold confetti's fell from the sky and brand ambassadors brought out a bottle of Gold Label Reserve to each table! Imagine the luxury of that!

Look at the amount of gold confetti's behind us! And that bottle of Gold Reserve Leonard was holding.
Now its really time to party the night away, Johnnie Walker style!


Hong Kong clubbing maestro DJ Dim Sum on the decks!
DJ Dim Sum has been rocking audiences in a dual residency in Dragon-i and Prive, two of the hottest clubs in Hong Kong, and delivered a set that illustrated exactly why he is in such high demand.


Then we had Smith Agent Smith, who took it up a couple of notches with his skilful “live” mixing using an “Ableton” set-up. This American DJ definitely exhibited a keen knack for gauging the vibe of the audience as the night grew closer to midnight and managed to get the dance floor grooving throughout his party jumping set.

Well, I for one had an awesome night with familar faces all around. Nothing like feeling comfortable and also partying in style, plus the lavishness of it all (; Hands down Johnnie Walker do throw one of the biggest best party year in, year out. Kudos to that!

Can't wait for another one!


Take a look on the official video that sums up the fun of the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge!

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