What I cooked :

First and foremost, yes I can cook.
I'm just too lazy and my schedule doesn't allows me the time to.

Anyways, I was "inspired" to try something out yesterday. Went to Village Grocer and got the ingredients, went home and start prepping.

Ingredients :
1. Chicken breast
2. Brown Mushrooms
3. One whole lemon
4. Lemon Thyme
5. Italian Parsley
6. Black Pepper Cheese
7. Alfafa & Onion
8. Garlic
9. Breaded Crumbs
10. Egg white

Method :
1. Clean the chicken breast ( i.e - cut off all the excess fats, and skin, whatever you dont wish to have on ) , then make a pocket in the middle so that it can be stuffed later. Set aside.
2. Chop the brown mushrooms to tiny cubes, save some if you wanna make some saute mushrooms for the side. Slice the garlic, lemon thyme, italian parsley and some black pepper cheese.
3. Fry the tiny cubes of brown mushroom, set them aside when they're almost done. Put the garlic, lemon thyme, italian parsley and black pepper cheese which you have sliced earlier into a bowl, squeeze some lemon juice into it, stir and then put the brown mushrooms in.
4. Stuff the chicken with the stuffing you have just made.
5. Put the egg whites into a bowl. Dip the chicken in, then toss some breadcrumbs onto the chicken, cover it thoroughly.
6. Wash the alfalfa with warm water, set aside for later.
7. Fry the chicken.
8. While the chicken is frying, you can make the sauce. Start of with getting the lemon zest (I'm sure of you know how to do that right?) into a bowl, squeeze some lemon juice, put some sliced lemon thyme and italian parsley into the mixture, add some virgin olive oil and lightly stir to make sure everything blends in well.
9. The chicken should be done, when its golden brown on both sides. Next, set the alfalfa down on a plate, set the chicken on top of the alfalfa, drizzle the sauce all over. And your ready to serve! If you made sauteed mushrooms, you can set them wherever.

So enjoy your meal, hope it turns out fine, my first time writing a recipe, so I hope it isnt as confusing as it seems to be lol. Let me know if you tried it out!

Till then , x.


benjaminvai said…
Whats the name of this dish?

oh, maybe u can give some spacing for your method? cause its like stuck to each other here.


Might try this, looks like a winner =)

you can look at my lame one as compare to yours if u like :P XD

stephiielim said…
Haha uhm, I havent came up with a name for it. Just followed my tastebuds and whipped up smth I wanted to eat.

Aites, i'll take a look at your maggi goreng technique lol.

Have fun!

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