Online shopping anyone?

One of my recent favourite online blog shops would be Whitesoot !

Remember my birthday dress I wore to Nobu when I was in Melbourne? *Sorry about the unclear picture, but it was taken with my iPhone in a low light situation*. I acquired this gorgeous piece of clothing from the one and only Whitesoot. & boy was I delighted about the piece. The stitching was fabulous, from the way the skirt was so poofy and the way the bustier was design is just impeccable! Whitesoot do know how to pick them right (: 

 So here's a little bit about Whitesoot :


Its an online shopping website in Malaysia with a special mission, Whitesoot was created to bring “fashion round the clock” to glam up the daily grind of life. Inspired by fashion bloggers, runways and everyday fashionistas on the street, their designs are lovingly hand-picked for not only its style and quality, but also its practicality and affordability. Specializing in corporate wear, party wear and casual wear, Whitesoot is sure to spice up the dull aspects of life and bring the red carpet moment for your special occasions – all whilst still being affordable and practical. So catwalk life the Whitesoot way. 

 Can't wait to make more purchase so I can have pretty pretty outfits everyday! 
 In the mean time, here are some of my picks :D 

 1. Something to wear to work or even play.


You cant go wrong with this piece. Dress it up with a neon highwaisted skirt, or for a simple look a pair of jeans. 

 2. Everyone needs something like this! Cape, poncho, cardi? I love it all but this piece looks like any all three of them.


Be all lady-like, and wear it over a shoulder bearing dress to either jazz it up or tone it down, of course with accesories to match! Or wear it to the cinemas for that chilling night out. Definitely a must have in every girls wardrobe. 

 3. The most staple piece every wardrobe must have, highwaisted skirts.


Cream beige skirt will be the easiest to match with this seasons thing, florals! And also the top is for sale. Loving the poofed up shoulders and pastel blue color ; 

 4. I know many are searching for this!


Need I say more? Work in the front, party at the back? lol. This skirt adds up the dramatic effect to any outfit! 

 5. Last but not least, a casual shirt.


Long sleeve printed shirt, floral prints, pastel colors. Love love love, was 'bout to get this but sadly it's sold out. 

 Well this are few of the pieces which I think every lady needs, or wants. 
 So head over to Whitesoot now! 

 Great news for everyone!, besides providing excellent customer service and reliable next day delivery. Whitesoot will be stepping up a notch this mid-June, by increasing the frequency our new arrivals to daily from Sunday to Thursday at 8PM! 
 So if you missed out on a few good buys, not to fret and keep check on the Whitesoot's updates not to miss out on the latest trends. 

 Join Whitesoot's growing Facebook community at to be privy to special promotions and sneak peek updates. Get behind-the-scenes VIP access by following Whitesoot's POW crew’s Twitter account at 

 Happy Shopping everyone! (; Till then, xx.


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