Topshop + Zouk 8th Anniversary ;

How can I not love my city?
No place feels better than home. Of course we have slight problems here and there. But sometimes, driving around KL in the day or even the night, my breath is taken away by the gorgeous scenery around.

Sometimes we get so caught up with things, we forgot to stop and take a look around of what we've achieved.

Anyhoo, back to the main point.
Headed down to KL during peak hours. Got stuck in the jam with a few crazy girls *harhar*, it deff wasn't a bore for sure.

Luckily we got there and still had a few minutes for a drink before the fashion show started.

Oh hello Wonji, I see you've found your favourite drink hahaha.

Cynthia and Hyun Yee.

What I wore :
1. Top - Turtle neck cropped top by Forever 21.
2. Accesories - Necklace; Diva, Cuffs; H&M, Belt; Chanel, Clutch; YSL.
3. Bottom - Palazzo pants got from Chiang Mai.
4. Shoes - Chunky heels, which you couldnt really see in the picture, got it from my trip to Ho Chi Minh.

Girlies and I ;

Kenzo, strutting his stuff on the runway *phewittttt*

Then we had a quick bite at Ampang before heading off to Zouk for the 8th Anniversary.

Jessy & Wonji.

Louise and I ; its been a while since I've seen her.
All our crazy days when we were 16 lol.

Mr. Sam Lum.

Justyne and I.
Highschool buddy (:

Juan and I.

Ah Johhhh and I ;
finally got to see him, poor guy been working so hard for the past weeks. Late nights in the office and all.

darlings Annie & Joyee ;

And Eric was nice enough to hijack my camera to take pictures of himself lol.

Eric, Jeehoe and Lina.

A very shy Edric.

Timothy being as mischievous as usual.

Alvin and I ;

Spent the whole night in Mainroom, didn't even bother going anywhere else. Was too exhausted hopping from one place to another. Had fun with the girlfriends and also seeing the rest.

Till then, x!


Anne H said…
Great photo! Looks like you had a great time!
stephiielim said…
Yes I did, thanks! (:

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