MCA : Dash Berlin 2012 @ Sepang.

Remember this picture?
Yeah it was from months back.

Sorry I've been busy ))):

Rave held by Music Conference Asia at Sepang International Circuit featuring Dash Berlin!
Oh yes, and thats him above haha. Didn't think he was that big of a size lol.

Got there around 10pm-ish and the place was mad packed.
Drunkards everywhere around, I thought it was gonna be havoc in a very bad way but thankfully we got our own cabanas. One thing about attending raves in Malaysia, cabanas are the way to go. Its safe, easy access to the restrooms and lots of space to move around. Dont have to worry about the rowdy crowd, breathing stuffy air and of course, B.O.

Shawn and I ; who just got back from Melbourne at that time.

Yanwei, who I've known since way back whennnn. How time flies!
Fankeh on my left.

Teddy bear Mr Abel and I.

Kit Meng and I ;
I had to wear two tags that night as I was running in and out!

Nigel and I ;

Tip : Light make up is a must for raving, you dont want to have panda eyes cause you're gonna be all sweaty and stuff. For example, my hair! It was already all greasy and sticking to my face -.-

Amanda and meeeeee.

The crowd and atmosphere was pumping.
People were all hyped up and exhilarated cause Dash Berlin finally started spinning, I guess everyone was waiting for him! Though I only managed to groove to few songs like 'Till the Sky Falls Down' and 'Waiting'.

The one and only Dash Berlin, the man himself pumping up the crowds vibe.
Everyone seem to be enjoying themselves a lot!
Sadly I only knew a few songs hahha.

Last but not least, we got a chance to meet Emma Hewitt.

Abel, Darryl, yours truly, Louis, Patrick Oliver and Emma Hewitt.

Had fun but was so exhausted from all that dancing huhu.
More posts coming up soon!

Till then, xx.


Anonymous said…
is that really Emma Hewitt? doesnt really look like her. If it is she gained some weight :O

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