✈ Melbourne ♡ 2012 [pt. II] ✈

Continuation from the previous post..

So the same weekend, this must be a Saturday. Headed to Crystal to meet the girlfs!

Clarisa, me, Wai Hann and Abi.
Its been so long since I last seen them. Which was last year, same month to be exact lol. In the same country haha.

Mr AJ Lim ; I think he was tryna pull off what we girls did or something lol.

Clarisa, me and AJ.

Patrick and I ;

Me, Leyvin and Jiali.

It was packed that night. Was there celebrating Yoon Wei's birthday as well.
As usual, all the shots were sucha killer. 
Crossed over to Crown after Crystal, met the boys for supper then headed home. Was so tired by then.
Imagine that I only touched down a day ago.

Then the next day, headed for some shopping at Harbor Town with boo.

I started feeling the chilly cold weather. It was definitely getting colder already D:
Did a bit of shopping, found favourite brands like Minkpink and Motel. 

Left before it was dark, back to the city to meet the rest for dinner.
Since it was freeeeezing cold, we decided to have Hotpot!

This place reminds me of Bone & Pot.
The items and soup base were about the same too.

But it's definitely nicer to have hotpot during the cold weather.
So yes, we dined at Flavor Town Hot Pot.

Isn't everything just so vibrant?
What I liked was that we get to have two soup base, unlike Bone & Pot for certain soup base we only got to choose one. You can't have both or something.

Marbled meat, mm I LIKE! :DD

We kinda over ordered, couldn't finish everything. As usual -.-"
But I deff had a wonderful dinner. It was delicioussssss.

So well, that sums up this post.

Till the next one, xx.


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