✈ Bangkok & Pattaya ♡ 2012 [pt. I] ✈

Hello there everyone, hope you're enjoying your day.

Here comes another fun travel posts from one of my traveling escapade for this year!
So this time it was a family vacation with the boyfriend to Thailand.
My first time to Bangkok and Pattaya actually. & boy was I excited, as all I've been hearing was how it was a shopaholics heaven! Ooh and how fun and vibrant Pattaya is as well.

So our flight was slightly delayed, sighs typical Air Asia, so luckily I had two silly monkeys next to me to entertain me while we waited. 

Oh and Erin was helping the boyf with his new phone ;
Silly boy got himself a Samsung SIII just before he got back from Melbourne.

Got to say, I'm impressed with the phone. The screen display was great, functions were tremendously good and whole long list of free apps, definitely a plus point there!

Finally we boarded our flight, luckily it was a short one.
Plenty of familiar faces too, looks like everyone was heading to Bangkok during this time of the year.

Have I mentioned, I have a thing for clouds haha.
Its just so cute and fluffy, cannot help but to stare out the window looking for some oddly shaped ones.
Weird habit though /:

Hoped on to a mini van right after we landed and off to Pattaya!
Look at all the bright coloured taxis ahead, there were taxis in pink, orange, green, blue, red, almost all the colors of the rainbow ; SO CUTEEEEEE.

It was quite a gloomy day though, but didn't stop my excitement!

We finally checked into the hotel we were gonna be staying for one night, A-One Hotel. A nautical themed hotel, even the building looked like a ship. Too bad I forgotten to take a picture of the exterior, but I took some while I was waiting for everyone to freshen up.

Another weird habit of mine, first thing I do when I check in, inspect the bathroom!
Can't help it, a deff plus point for me would be the toiletries the hotel offers. I've stayed a few that has body care products from L'occitane, Crabtree & Evelynn, Boss and so on, nevertheless this hotel provided a handful of good products that would suffice. 

A huge, two super single bed!
See what I mean by a nautical themed hotel?
Even the mirror is a life float.
How cute is that?

So our hotel was right by the beach, managed to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset.
What a way to end the day (:

Headed out after to hunt for some good grub.
Well it was a long walk as our hotel was right at the end, just beside Dusit Thani.
Nevertheless it actually let us explore the whole stretch of Pattaya.

Stopped by Hard Rock Hotel ;
It was quite quiet that night though.


Baby couldn't help but to try out some street food ;
Grilled sausages to be exact, though it wasn't really that good.

While making our way up to the Pattaya sign, stopped by a few malls and bought some small items, typical tourists.

The silly pair.

Finally reached the 'happening' side of Pattaya.
Boy oh boy was it an eye opener.

From dodgy pubs/clubs, to burlesque joints, to Muay Thai fighting and of course restaurants serving the freshest seafood.

This place was definitely do lively that you might get blinded by the lights your surrounded with.
You will see people from all walks of life, different races and cultures.

There are tons of street performers, from magicians to breakdancers to acrobats.
It was entertainment on a whole new level.

The choices of seafood here is never ending.
Look at the types of decapod crustaceans they have to offer. From your typical tiger prawns to baby lobsters and etc.

And look at this thing ;
huge is an understatement LOL.

I wonder how much would it cost.

So anyways after dinner we headed back to the hotel, took a nice warm bath and then headed back out for Thai Massage!

Will continue with Bangkok post soon, till then xx.


Andy said…
Wow. Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for taking the time to post your adventures. Many people think that Pattaya only caters for male holiday makers. but your blog shows that Pattaya is an exciting holiday resort for couples also. Thank's
stephiielim said…

Hi Andy, well it kinda does cater more to the male traveler if you were to just head to Pattaya and Pattaya only, as I would suggest Krabi, Koh Samui or Phuket would be better for couples. But if you're being dragged to Bangkok for shopping, do stop by Pattaya since its only an hours drive away haha. It'll be a fair and awesome trip for couples! :p
yolanda said…
Serious lover of your blog, a considerable number of your blog posts have really helped me out. Looking towards updates!
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Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing your travel experience,your way of blog writing is good,there is no second thought that Bangkok and pattaya holidays are always awesome.
Pattaya said…
To a certain extent Pattaya 'does cater more to the male traveler' as you say, but there are plenty of activities there for all. There's traveling to Koh Larn for nature lovers, there's water parks, an aquarium, sports for the family, as well as things like ladyboy cabaret shows. Pattaya is increasingly becoming a family destination.

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