Birthday 2012 ; KL Bound!

So here it is now for my birthday celebration back in KL.
To be honest, didn't want to do anything big because its past my birthday and I was still suffering from alcohol poisoning >< But I was grateful enough that my friends took me for dinner the next day after I arrived back in Malaysia.

We went to Mezze9 at Hartamas for dinner, while the rest of them were enjoying the wine buffet all I can drink was a Kiwi Mocktail haha.

Quick catch up with the bunch ;
Joh and Eekie.

My face was really really bloated, god knows why.
Oh wells, lost them chubbs cheeks now! heh.

Myself, Joh, Erin and Benson.


Then had dinner with the girlfriends at Il Lido some day after.
Glad to see them after a month a way from home, missing them too much!

Shocked to come home seeing Wonji's hair bleached blonde with dipdyed blue tips.
Anyways lets get on to more pictures.

'le girlfriend Seewai, who mostly stole the spotlight that night haha with her grand entrance!

Oh hello to you too Miss Low.

All the girlies and I ;

Silly faces.
Thank god for the end table as we got the spot to ourselves to camwhore, didnt have to worry about the flashes annoying the other diners.

Erin and Hyun Chae.

Hyunyee and Wonji.

Cynthia, yours truly and Miss Low.

So we had a  complimentary dish by the chef before our appetizers arrived.
I forgotten what its called but there caviar on top haha.

So here's our appetizers! 

Foie Gras with pumpkin sauce and pistachios.

Foie Gras with pumpkin sauce and pistachios.

Few more dishes but a bunch of hungry girls couldnt wait any longer for me to snap pictures and all quickly started noming down the food.

A very bored Ms Low cause she gets quite picky when it comes to food.
Especially cheese.

Here's our main courses!

Wagyu stewed accompanied with grilled veggies.

A pasta dish and...

hahahaha *inside joke thanks to Erin* poor girl had to re-post her Instagram picture a million times cause she was confused with the names.

Anyway its a Crayfish risotto with a seafood wine reduction.

After dinner, before dessert the waiter brought out a complimentary cake planned by my sister, sweetness max!

all smiles as I didn't expected this haha.

Till Cynthia had to spoil it.

kidding! But I forgot what we were talking about till I had that face on lol.

Anyways making a birthday wish.

Even with a cake we girls still ordered some desserts to share ;
I couldnt take my eyes off this lemon flan with strawberries all around!

Doesn't it just look gorgeous?

Cynthia ordered a Chocolate Lava cake.

I love how every plate is decorated with huge and fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc.

Last but not least Panna Cotta, i'm starting to grow a liking for Panna Cotta. Didn't really enjoy it last time, maybe cause I made it on my own hmm oh wells.

Group photo!

my darlings and I ;
we prolly stayed a bit too late till we were the only ones left haha.
From left to right, Hyunyee, Wonji, Hyunchae, myself, Seewai, Cynthia and Erin.

Single shots with all the pretty ladies.

Since we were nearby, we all decided to drop by Zouk.
Its been a while since I went to Zouk, okay duh I was in Melb. But its been a while since I've partied with them (:

lovely sister and I.

girls girls girls.
All of us started being really silly cause we were quite early and the crowd was still coming in.

miss big boobies ehehehe.
Somehow she always gets bullied. 

Being silly, roaming around mainroom we went to our table downstairs.
Settled down and start partying ;
Of course it wouldnt be a birthday without some glasses of champagne.

Wasnt actually prepared to drink alcohol -.- but no choice, had a few glasses.
I love my friends hehehe.

Great simple birthday with 'le girlfriends, couldnt ask for more.
I'm finally 22 and from here on the numbers will just keep piling on lol.

If you want to check out what I did in Melbourne for my birthday click away : 22nd Birthday in Melbourne

Till then x!


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