✈ Melbourne ♡ 2012 [pt. IV] ✈

Brief simple post ;
on a normal sunny day in Melbourne.
The temperature certainly dipped quite low, and I was putting up with the cold. Sometimes it's just a pain in the arse I have to bear with it so badly.

So me and baby took a nice stroll all the way to Federation Square.
I love this area of Melbourne. Its just really artsy and the scenery is gorgeous.

Anyhoos, try spotting us!

Better? No?

Can't see?

We're on the right, just two people. Standing out of nowhere.
We certainly had fun doing silly dances and poses hahah.
Oh well, its not like anyones gonna remember.

With the Eureka tower at the back (highest building in Melbourne) you can see Crown on the right and the train station.

Just the buildings around Federation Square is gorg enough already!

See, what did I tell ya about bright sunny day ;

The cathedral at the back is just so pretty.

Silly boy definitely not checking any chicks out with that look haha.

So anyways, both of us headed off to meet with Davern and JeeHoe for some "tea"/brunch.

Davern and Jeehoe was over at Melbourne to spin, you can usually catch them spin at Zouk on their respective nights. *can't find the link, sorry!*.

So we took them to Brunetti's for some awesome pastry. Boy oh boy was JeeHoe like a kid in a candy store.
I guess cause there's so many varieties to choose from!

Had this sandwhich thingy, forgotten what's it called.
One thing about eating out doors during winter, your food gets cold quick.

Check out Daverns happy boy face hahaah.

Then after it was a walk along Swanston St. the guys were looking for some awesome kicks.
Stopped by almost every shoe store there is on Swanston.

After a whole day of walking we then chilled at Rooftop Bar ;
For some awesome pints of beer, nice way to end a day of shopping and walking around.

A touristy picture for Davern (;
we were all taking pictures of the sunset on the Melbourne skylinee.
*gosh am missing this place so much now*

Jeehoe and I.

After that we met up with KaiYoung and Su for some korean BBQ dinner at Chinatown.
I was mad starving, mind the lack of pictures for dinner heh.

Overall it was a fun day out with the guys, got a lot of talking and walking going on, sadly it was their last day there. Oh wells, I was heading back to KL soon anyways.

So after dinner and everything, went home, changed, rest, and all that before party time at Maze!
Short captions coming up ahead heh.

Clarrisa, Peter, Abi and I ;

Marcus and I ;
silly poses!

Vampkuns and me (:

Couldn't stop laughing from this picture, hahaha.

AJ and Howie ;
AJs expression -- priceless!

A more proper picture of them :-

Wendi, Peter and Leyvin.

Melinda, Emmelyn, Sabrina, Abigail, Suphanee and me, chubby cheeks.

Then we headed for a second round at Eve ;
everyone was in the mood and all I remembered was lots of dancing with the girls while the guys were getting more shots at the bar.

For some reason, this was the only picture I took at Eve.
I guess cause we didn't stay long and then we headed off to a third round at a karaoke place.

It was already 4am-ish Melbourne time and we were all still going strong.
Karaokeing all the wayyyy till the wee hours in the morning.

Han and I ;

Well that sums it up!
Half way through this post I realized I missed out on another. Stay tune for the rightfully Melbourne (pt. IV) lol.

Till then!



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