✈ My 22nd Birthday in Melbourne ✈

So, there's actually far more that happened in Melbourne before my birthday but this post can't wait any longer or else I'll prolly be ushering in my next birthday already hahaha.

Instead of spending 3 weeks in Melbourne, I ended up extending my stay and spent my birthday there with the someone special :))

Thankfully I did and not only my friends made an effort but the boyfriend only made it sweeter throughout the whole eventful birthday I had. Appreciate everything he did especially when it was all last minute because I initially planned to have an early celebration there, like last year and celebrate my actual date back in KL. There's always room for changes anyways! 

So first and foremost I was swept away for a nights stay at the one and only Crown Metropol.
Had to wake up super early so that we won't waste our day sleeping, before we made it here we did a quick stop by Hardware Societe for brunch and then La Belle Mattie for some macaroons.

Checked in right after brunch and I was taken away by the wonderful modern interior of the said hotel.

Not many pictures as I was afraid of looking like a jakun snapping away without permission haha.
But it was a lovely sunny day, and thats the best you should hope for in Melbourne.

Our room was spacious and furnished with a king-sized bed, lazy sofa, and all the typical necessities from a work desk to a mini fridge.

I was breath taken by the gorgeous city view from the full-sized windows, me and city lights!

To many reflections but you get an idea.
Oh by the way it wasn't even that late, prolly 4.30pm-ish but its already dark. Imagine if there wasn't any day light saving. 

So we unpacked and made ourselves comfortably at home, that's easy when you have soft fluffy feathered pillows and a huge bed with a soft warm comforter.

I almost dozed off once I laid down!

Sadly there wasn't a bath tub but like if you knew me, I'm a sucker for full toiletries heh.
Had to check everything out (: As you can see, for a nights stay and we almost brought everything along. Unpacked the minute we got there!

Finally got settled down and managed to make myself a cup of tea ;
we both needed some proper rest before the night festivities started. Knackered to the bones from all the late nights, drinking, karaokeing, partying sessions we had weeks before.

This is by far the best I had since I got to Melbourne, I may not have tried the crème de la crème or the holy grail of macaroons like Laduree but this definitely beat Lindt and a few other macaroon shops in Melbourne for me.

Love the one in Moet & Vanilla, same goes for the rose one too.
I am so craving this right now from writing this post T.T

So after some lazing around, we both got dressed & yadaa yadaa for the evening.

Okay the scarf totally covered half of my dress, but I super super love my new Tony Bianco heels hehe. I just had to pair it up with my birthday dress, even though its kinda contrasting but oh wells.

So we made our way down for dinner, guess where baby brought me?

They four alphabets sums up everything already.
Haha, I might be exaggerating but I've been wanting to go to this place for a long time!
Finally I get to try it out, especially on such a special day for me.

I was very happy and on the top of my toes already, also because my heels were to high and I had to walk down two flights of stairs before I was seated. All I could think of at that point was to not trip.
Imagine the embarrassment -.-

We were seated at a corner with  more privacy and every table is assign to their own waiter. 
Top notch service if you ask me (;

my lovely silly boy (:

Okay I shall now try to remember the dishes one by one ;
cause we had 7 courses , and a dessert platter. We took a menu/course which the waiter will order everything to us based on the likes and dislikes, personal preferences we told him earlier, basically he's gonna come up with a course specially for us. So, every different dish is made up with different ingredients and is all done very differently, different methods. When each and every one of the dish is served the waiter would come by and explain it to us again.

So for starters we had Fried Tofu Skin stuffed with crabmeat, jelly fish, salmon and lobster I think accompanied by a special dressing. 

I was chowing down *not very lady like I know but I tried to maintain abit hahaha* as I was super super hungry!
Love the texture of the skin, as well as the freshness of the crabmeat and salmon, well baby had the other two but it's nothing with a big wow yet, prolly just to wet our appetites.

Then we move on to our second dish which is the Oysters in 3 different styles/dressing.

Flavours exploding in my mouth, the freshness of the oysters and THE SIZE OF IT.
Me and the boyfriend are not a huge fan of big sized oysters, I know some people are impressed, the bigger the better, but it just gets too much if you were to have like half a dozen or even three to yourself. These oysters to me are just the perfect size, though I didnt get to ask them what oysters are these but it looks abit Jap to me, as Japanese oysters are smaller in size than NZ oysters and so on.\

Now lets talk about the dressing, there's three dressing, soy sauce with a bit of fish roe on top, spring onions and garlic/ginger, and something spicy. I love the one with the spring onion topping. Jizz jizz jizz.

Third dish. Damnnn I can't remember everythung exactly, so so sorry!
I forgot what this is called but let's just called it Salmon Carpaccio though the salmon was mostly cooked through.

Anyways, like how I said I wasn't wow-ed by the first dish, I'm gonna take that back. Every dish that came after was just jaw droppingly orgasmic. Every single one of them.

Just a simple dish like this, but its how its prepared, every second and minute the fish goes on and the sauce is poured on top. I guess that's what that makes a difference.

Sesame seed, oil and seasoning, and it taste this good.
Omg my tummy is rumbling from this!

The most famously known dish in Nobu, the Black Miso Cod.

Oh the sweet, juicy, tender cod fish. It really just melts in your mouth. 
Finished with sake & mirin sauce at the sides. A simple dish like that but it is extremely time consuming when the fish has to be marinated days before.

Young ginger shoot to cleanse the palate after the meal.
Even the young shoot also taste superb -.- weird much, but I'm serious! You have to taste this on your own as, pictures and words will never do justice.

The cod is just so tender, soft and silky. Oh it just melts away and leaves a wholesome flavour in your mouth. You just want to have more of this!

But still, we had a few more dishes coming our way.
Time for the next one.

Yes, its gyoza's but not any normal gyoza.
Its filled with the finest seafood meat.

Never doubt how simple a dish could look, cause at Nobu even the sauces and dressing can make you jizz. Haha. I love how the skin/pastry/wonton is. Smooth, and not too thin. The sauce was slightly sour and complimented the dish very well.

Now for the next dish was lamb cutlets, a special sauce for dipping and rice.
When this dish was set on the table, me and baby looked at each other in confusion. I mean it's definitely out of the theme. But nevertheless we couldn't wait to try it.

The lamb cutlets were done to perfection.
Every piece of meet was tender and juicy, I know I keep repeating this but it really does melts in your mouth *jiggles away in food heaven*. The dipping sauce tasted Jap, hahaha, and everything went well, I guess this dish was to fill up our tummy with carbs from the rice.

And for the last dish, I couldnt remember what it was.
I stopped memorizing after the Cod.

If I am not mistaken its something lobster.
Simple as it looks, it was a dish to end the night.

And that vile thingy on the left? Its filled with a dressing that you drizzle all over on top.
Baby loved the sauce and meat, I love the onions and meat -.-

Oh was I dying of a food coma at that point, my tummy was filled to the brim!
My tastebuds were celebrating in joy for all the new flavors its been exposed to in 2-3 hours.
What a pleasant dinner with baby.

Then I was surprised with Green Tea cake with strawberries and champagne and a birthday song hehehe.
Birthday girl is happy 

Couldn't be more thankful and happy for the wonderful birthday he planned out for me at such short notice. The effort, time and money spent. 

From the lovely afternoon all the way to the hotel and to dinner.
It was a nice simple yet meaningful birthday with someone special miles away from home, something I'll definitely remember always.

Thank you baby Vampkuns, love youu 


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