✈ Osaka ♡ 2012 [pt. II] ✈

Just realized I've never got to finish my Japan post.
Im so so sorry!
But it will be a waste if I didn't.

Here's a recap if you missed the first post "Osaka (pt. I)".

One of the days spent in Osaka, Jacklyn came over to the hotel we were staying and we took a train to Shibuya 109 a shopping departmental complex.
Lucky we had her to bring us around as I wasn't familiar with the trains yet.

So it was a girls day out for fun and some shopping!

Went to a store and there was a long dressing table for us girls to doll up and get our hair done.
How cool is that?
They even had a few make up tools and items for those who needs a touch up.

So we couldnt help but to try out their hairstyling devices.
The variations of curlers were O.O from the smallest diameter to the biggest ones.

I tried out the smallest one since I've only being using the big one (32mm).
and here's the result!

Tighter curls, more dolly like.
Didn't want to curl the top part of my head as I was afraid I would look funny hahaha, deff couldn't pull off the Japan doll look. But having blonde hair in Japan was so normal that I didn't get weird stares as I did back in Kuala Lumpur.

I was so tempted to buy the curler but then again, I could get this back home so might as well skip the trouble of packing this and saving luggage space for other items.

We left before dinner back to Shinsaibashi district for some more shopping!
It was definitely a cold night, and when the sun goes down, it only gets colder.
I was freezing whenever the wind brushes through.

Nikko Hotel is located on Nishi-Shinsaibashi, a street filled with designer brands. Lucky me I managed to snag some goodies!

Everything was two stories or more ; Look at the size of Dior for an example!

After some mad shopping craze, daddy was too tired for dinner so it was just me, mom and sis.
Headed to a small cosy restaurant that served Fugu (フグ), I had to try pufferfish sashimi this time round.
It was like having russian roulette on a plate. 

Mummy and Erin.

Me ;

So here goes. Before I start here's a little fact about the dish.

"Fugu can be lethally poisonous due to its tetrodotoxin; therefore, it must be carefully prepared to remove toxic parts and to avoid contaminating the meat.[1] The restaurant preparation of fugu is strictly controlled by law in Japan and several other countries, and only chefs who have qualified through rigorous training are allowed to deal with the fish".

It was sliced thinly and served with some fresh garnishing, lime, and soyu. 

So the taste was just mehhhh, but I guess the reason why people eat it is mainly for the thrill, cause I was tremendously nervous and in the same time anxious trying this.
The texture was rubbery, and chewy, but the taste was quite bland.

Anyways we had other dishes of salmon sashimi and sushi, salmon, ebikko, and so on.

After our appetizers we headed off to another restaurant;
I mainly wanted to try it because it has the most fluffy pancakes I've ever seen!

So fluffyyyyyyyyyy ;
and the choices was amazing, from pan dishes to ice creams, everything was so dreamy, filling-like.

Mummy dear and sis ;

I ordered the plain pancakes with maple syrup ;
I dont remember why I didn't take the ones with strawberries but maybe cause I was quite full. 
I dont know ><

But as you can see, it is as fluffy as what you see on the menu!
And the texture, taste, basically everything 10/10!

Next dish was a seafood risotto with tomato and wine reduction.

Another 10/10.
Everything in Japan is top notch, their food quality is superb.
You'll never have to deal with bad staffs, horrid places or icky food.

After dinner we took a stroll on Shinsaibashi-Suji.

Outfit of the night :
Dress - MNG Knitwear (worn inside)
Trench - G2000 
Shoes - Attagirl, Japan *for RM40! steal*
Accessories - Bag, Gucci ; Socks, Topshop ; Scarf, Zara.

Now we get to see pretty pretty lights ;
The infamous Glico Man billboard.

And yes, me fooling around as always.

Here's some pictures I've printed and pasted around my room, used as wallpaper on my phone, laptop and etc.
Hahahah enjoy!

Till the next post!



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