poundd the alarmm ;

You know it's time for party pictures when my titles dont make sense.
So where else to party other than Zouk, it's been a while since I posted any lol.

Loads of pics, so little words.

Abigail darling and I ; gosh I miss her ):

Vampkuns and Kah Wei, my long lost friend lol.

Ivy and I -- surprisingly not drunk yet hehehe.

silly face moment lol.
Stephen and I.

Wailoong, I wonder why is he carrying so many lady wallets hah!

Edric the shortayyyy and HyunChae.

Squeeeeezy group pic -- Esther, me, Eric and Linaa.

Davern and Howie.

Soooooo, that sums up abit.
Till the next time!


Unknown said…
We have to take photos together when we are in Zouk babe. ;)

You'd be interested in . . .