[ADV] Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest at Berjaya Times Square '12.

Its another round of Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest presented by Carlsberg Malaysia!
This time I attended the one held at Berjaya Times Square's ballroom, yep you heard me right, a hotels ballroom! This is the magnitude of this awesomepossum festival!

With my beerfest hat and beer stein mug I am ready to go!
Couldn't wait to see what the nights festivities hold.

Me and Daphne.

Now, once again, what is Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest?

Well to me, its a fun loving night filled with activties, beer, great food and great company.
Expect a night filled with laughter, dancing, singing, eating and mingling around. With those who has the passion for some good beer over food, or with the pretty lasses who are dressed in dirndls (traditional German dress). 


As I mentioned earlier in my blog post about the Oktoberfest Launch at Hakka Restaurant, “Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest 2012” is proudly presented by Carlsberg Malaysia with the aims of enabling consumers to experience first-hand, authentic German beer drinking festival locally without traveling abroad for such a wonderful experience no one should miss!
This festival, which runs from the 26th September to the 7th of October and is held at eighteen key market squares throughout the city cities in Peninsular, AND ALSO for the first time, extending its festival to East Malaysia.

Esther and I -- as front as we could, near towards the stage so we could see the whole experience and sway along to the songs! heh.

With a carnival-like atmosphere, be prepared to be dancing the night away with a pretzel in your hand haha! Don't be shocked to see guests singing their lungs out, dancing to all-time favourite music from the 80's up to current hits like Gangnam Style -- German version! Lol. 

All performed live by the authentic Umpapa band from all the way from Germany!

Note this! There's a special promotion ongoing throughout this festival in-conjunction to commemorate this special event launched, where consumers/guests/party-goers can take home a their own limited edition Oktoberfest beer stein when they take part in the promotion at participating outlets.

These cute babies, could be all yours! And they're very special items to be collected, you'll see people waiting to stack up as many mugs as they can during these events. 

Chelsea, me and Naomi ; having a few beers and chit chatted while we indulge in super tasty german food! From pork knuckles to roasted turkey and lamb! 

Then it was time to kick off those dancing shoes and started singing along, just basically having as much fun as we could. Before that, a short history lesson about Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest, or Wiesn, is a 16 to18 day beer festival held yearly in its homeland Munich and Bavaria in Germany. Running from late September to the first weekend in October. It is nothing less but one of the most famous events in Germany and is the world’s largest fair, with more than 5 million people attending every year! Talk about a wow factor! 

Soren getting the crowd pumped and hyped up!
There were people jumping and yelling and you definitely know the adrenaline was going up, up, up.

Huge beer enthusiast everywhere, with the lead singer of the band (second left) and MD Soren (second from your right), you know you're in good hands and be prepared for a fun time. Well I did, and so did the girls from MHB. And here's a picture to prove it too!

All together now!

That's cheers in German :)

Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest is filled with tons of games, allowing people to get together over good ol' fun and games. Stand a chance to win yourself your very own Carlsberg beer tower, or more Beer Stein mugs for your collection!

Get yourself involved with games and activities like the stein race, barrel race and arm wrestling to win the items stated above (: or just join in for the name of fun!


If you're wondering what's the big fuss and all round dancing and singing. It all started with the Crown Prince Ludwig who later became King Ludwig I who was then married to Princess Therese of Bavaria on October 12, 1810. 

All the citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities held on the fields in front of the city gates to celebrate the happy royal event. This infamous field was named "Theresienwiese" which stood for “Theresa’s Meadow”, in honor of the Crown Princess. And ever since then, the locals have abbreviated the name simply to just, "Wies’n". Tadaaaaa!

Well, we girls from MHB definitely had a great experience.

That Chelsea and I just had to take our very own #selfshot pictures to remember the night itself (;

Here are the list of beers available at Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest :

Carlsberg (5% ABV/ alcohol), a lager beer founded by J.C. Jacobsen in 1847 and is an international beer originating from Denmark.

Erdinger Weissbier (5.3% ABV), pioneered in the 70′s, was the first German wheat to be distributed nationwide in Germany. Erdinger is brewed according to traditional recipes and has no preservatives, additives and pasteurization, complying with the Bavarian Purity Law 1516.

Franziskaner Weissbier (5% ABV), a traditional Bavarian wheat beer with more than 600 years of history, is refreshing and aromatic in character. This Bavarian beer is naturally cloudy and copper-coloured and enhanced with a sweet malt taste with a smooth creamy texture for finish.

Lowenbrau (5.2% ABV), an original “German Munich Beer”, is famous at Oktoberfests. It is a lager beer that is refreshing with a taste of malt and mild hop bitterness. The beer is light to the taste, bright golden yellow in colour, and truly complements the Bavarian drinking experience.

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 Chelsea and I.

Jane and I.

The girls of MHB who attended Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest!

Till the next one! I hope to see all of you there (;
Do check out Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest facebook page for more info about upcoming venues and dates, make sure you dont miss out on this wonderful experience.



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