day out with the girls // August.

Just a simple post above something girls do.
Haven't been doing posts like these in a long timeeee. Haven't seen posts like these in a long timee too.
Things are getting too commercialized 'le sigh.

Anyways had an outing with the BFF and sis ; everyones so busy in their own things that I hardly get to see them anymore. One working, the other apparently busting her ass on assignments everyday.

Headed down to Kuala Lumpur for some tea, and dolling up for fun day.
It wouldnt be fun if we headed anywhere near us.

Outfits of the day!

1. Erin :

Top : Studded cropped top from Bangkok.
Skirt : Asymmetrical Snake print skirt from Australia.
Shoes : Cotton On.
Accessories : Forever 21.

2. Stephanie

Top : Chiffon beige top from Bangkok.
Skirt : Mermaid Maxi from Miss Selfridge.
Shoes : Fiorucci.
Bag : Chanel
Accessories : H&M, Forever 21 and Hermes.

3. Seewai.

hahaha, forgotten to ask.

Oh wells, if any of y'all are interested leave me a comment and I'll ask her.

Then after that we did some shopping and finally tea at TWG, Pavilion.

Sister looking bored to tears waiting for her food.
One thing about TWG is that, their service is quite bad especially peak hours, to be specific weekends!
Most of their staffs are incapable of serving, taking orders, and even getting you the bill.

The first time I went there with Vampkuns, the took forever to give us our bill but it was understandable as they were short of staffs. But this time round, the place was filled with waiters but still, SLOW SERVICE!

White waiting, the BFF took about a 100 self shots. Lol.

Our tea set is here, scones, macaroons and Rose & Passionfruit tea.

Love their scones, though their macaroons aren't the best I've had.
Passionfruit tea was aromatic and fragrant.
Everything else was a :     ♥/     


On another day, dropped by with Wendy, the other BFF.
Another shopping and tea day.

Yes, we waited for quite some time for our orders to be taken, and our food to arrive.
This time, the girls ordered a 2 person tea set and I had lamb stew.
Sorry for the lack of pictures but I got pretty hungry and by the time my food touched the table I started eating right away!

Well, just a simple fashion x food post.

Till the next time dolls!



aliceBSW said…
hi stephanie i love ur brows.if possible hope to see ur video on how to draw ur brows yea..thanks stephanie:)

You'd be interested in . . .