[ADV] Carlsberg’s "Where’s The Party?" 2012.

Have you guys heard?
"Where's The Party?" is back! Yes the third installment brought to you by Carlsberg is here. And you know what this means, another huge epic party, yayyers!

Well as usual, no one knows where it's gonna be held at but this only builds up to the excitement doesnt it? 

Party-goers and guest will be ushered by coach all the way to the secret location, which the people at Carlsberg has their lips sealed about hmm. I wonder where it would be this time.
Ah the fun of guessing!

Everyone will meet at the meeting point, and after a road trip to the location. You'll be greated by Carlsberg staffs and ambassadors. Trust me on this, Carlsberg will have everything planned out and sorted. All you have to do is pack your best attire to party the day and night away and you'll be taken care off as best as they can!

The fun and games will start right after you've checked in.
As you can see, last years party ; what a wonderful resort!

Get involved with games where you can win yourself some awesome possum prizes!
From the dunking tank, to fun silly games as sliding down a slope to getting your friends drenched, haha imagine the fun. I can't wait!

 Then enjoy a wonderful buffet while having an ice cold Carlsberg, chatter the night away with friends or even make new friends! It's all about the experience isn't it?

Party the night away with guests from Malaysia, Singapore and even Hong Kong with loads of ice-cold beer by of course, Carlsberg! Dance all night with awesome DJs and performances by local and international artiste.

See what I mean by guest from all over? (;
It is definitely not an event to be missed. Well  after all, the main objective of WTP is to give Carlsberg lovers the opportunity to rise up to the challenge and of course create unforgettable memorable inspiring moments and experiences.

And of course, come party with us MHB ladies!
You know it's a party with us girls and Carlsberg.

Well I am sure most of you are wondering now, "How can I obtain passes for this event?"
Well fret not, we at MHB are gonna lead you to the way to win yourself passes for this epic event that is going to be held from the 11th of November to 12th of November!
Cause we are awesome that way heehee.

This contest will be running from the 17th of September to 21st of October but only 375 lucky winners will stand a chance to walk away with invites. Ooh did I mention? Winners can each bring one friend along!

All you have to do is, head over to https://www.facebook.com/Carlsberg/app_157568171034173 NOW! and play the game to stand a chance of winning your own pair of golden tickets to Where's The Party

What are you waiting for? Don't just sit there.
Come join us at "Where's The Party" 2012 ! 

and also, 

Hope to see many of you there!
Till then, x.


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