Arthur's Day 2012 at Beerfactory, Sunway Giza.

So a few weeks back I attended Arthurs Day held at The Beer Factory, Sunway Giza.
It was a last minute plan but lucky me, as it was a fun fun fun night!

I was shown to the VIP section *yay, me* and I was a happy kid inside as I get to sit down, drink a few pints of Guinness and catch up with friends. Beer Factory is definitely the best place to enjoy a drink or two (or more, haha) and also be seated comfortably chatting away with friends.

With the buddies and partner in crime for the night!

From the top left : SueLyn, Joanne, Jackie.
Bottom : Chunlam, myself and Erin.

Me enjoying my fresh pint of Guinness!

Showing our love for Beer Factory!

And in conjunction with the festivities of Arthurs Day 2012 ;
everyone gets to pour their own perfect pint of Guinness with the help of their friendly staffs/bartenders.

Shocked to see my highschool bud Sheng Eu (left) being hard at work! 

We left the VIP section to join the crowd, as Justin Lo, a singer from abroad was here to entertain us for the night. Singing few of his hits songs the crowd went crazy!

We had a countdown and it was "To Arthurrrrrrr", then the party really got started!

Amanda, Chunlam, myself and Erin.
So many familiar faces that night ; you know you'll be having an awesome time, with great company around!

Jiayi and I.

Then the club tunes started, kicked off by the one and only DJ Jumping Jack !

Non-stop flows of beer and good club hits playing, we were dancing, jumping, just basically having so much fun!

Kudos to the Beer Factory team for holding such a great event, I would say it was a major success on their behalf by running everything so smoothly!

So if you're ever in need of a good pint of beer or even hard liquor do come by to Beer Factory!
Their happy hour rates are dirt cheap heh.

Check out their Facebook page for more info -- ;

and again, TO ARTHUR!



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