fashion flashback ♥

Here's a quick update!

Some 'moments' I've found on my lappie, of my dressing from late 2009-2012.
Too bad I switched to a new Macbook & I dont have all my old pics. Some would be horrid anyways! 
Haha, I didnt grow up with a 'natural talent' or 'nose for fashion'. I have my fashion faux passes & fare share of disasters in the past, but I hope I won't come across them any time soon. 

I did learn alot from the past mistakes, I found out less is more, quality is better than quantity, and I love love love unique pieces and I search high and low for them! That makes shopping a tad more fun and satisfying (:

So here goes, quite recent, somewhere in August.

Top : Collared top with add-on collar tips, top from BKK, collar tips from Asos.
Skirt : Mermaid maxi from Miss Selfridge.
Shoes : Fiorruci.
Bag : Chanel.
Accessories : Rings from Forever 21, Gold Bangle H&M - Osaka, Clic Clac - Hermes.

This one is dated back 2009? or maybe 2010.

Dress : Cape black dress, a shop in Bangsar.
Envelope Bag/Clutch :  Charles & Keith.
Shoes : Chunky Heels, Aldo.
Accesories : I cant even see in the picture, haha so I dont remember! sorry*

This is 2011.

Sunglasses : Marc Jacobs.
Bag : Longchamp Victoire Planetes Medium in Black.
Top : Chiffon Vest (outer) - Valley Girl, Basic Black Strappy (inner) - F21.
Bottom : High waisted shorts from Bangsar.
Heels : Aldo.

& then I went a bit cray cray with my blonde hair but I fit in, in Japan! haha.

Trench : G2000
Scarf : Pullover Knitted wool - Zara.
Bag : Gucci.
Socks : Cotton On.
Shoes : Wedges - AttaGirl, Japan for like RM40 *steal!*

A more simple, layering thing cause of the cold weather... ah scratch that! I just want to post this for fun muahahaha.

Cardi : Nautica Theme - MNG.
Top : Leopard Racer Back - Zara TRF, Basic Strappy (inner) - Cotton On.
Bottom : Basic Mini *I forgot, had this forever*.
Socks : Asos.

& also I did a simple shot, in 2010/11(?)

Blazer : Skinny Heels (you can find them on Facebook).
Top : Corset - MNG.
Bottom : Sheer Maxi - Ice, Australia.
Shoes : Lush Serendipity. 
Necklace : Diva.

Before heading to a breast cancer event.. 

Top : Fuchsia Chiffon - Gossips, Bangsar.
Bottom : Tulip Skirt, Bangsar.
Heels : F21.
Necklace : Guess?.
Bangle : F21.

This year's Topshop runway preview.

Top : White cropped turtle neck - F21.
Bottom : Palazzo pants - Vietnam.
Shoes : Vietnam.
Clutch : YSL.
Belt : Chanel.
Necklace : Diva

& for an Asahi event..

Rings : F21
Bracelet : F21
*I love Forever 21's accessories! Loads of varieties*
Bag : Hermes (quietly taken from mommy's stash)
Bottom : Palazzo pants - Zara.
Heels : Vietnam.

& lots of pictures I've uploaded on Instagram!

Top : Chiffon crystal studded, Skull buttons - Bangkok.
Bottom : Quilted High Waisted - Bangsar.
Shoes : Fiorruci.
Bracelet : CDC, Hermes.
Earrings : Asos.

Top : Floral Exotic - MNG.
Pants : Sungai Wang *haha cheap buys! Steaaaal*
Shoes : Lace flats - F21.
Necklace : F21.

Top : Black Vest - MNG, White Basic Strappy - F21.
Bottom : Leggings - Zara *they have the best leggings, no muffin top cause of the thicker top, instead of the rubber-band look-alike*
Heels : AttaGirl, Japan.
Bag : Celine Lugage Tote ('borrowed' from mommy's stash)
Bracelet : CDC.

Top : Knitted sweater - MNG.
Bottom : Pleated maxi - Valley Girl.
Heels : Aldo.
Bag : LV.
Accessories : Diva.

Top : Miss Selfridge.
Bottom : Floral Prints - Bangsar, I saw a similar piece at Topshop a few days later.
Shoes : Bangkok.

Top : Baroque prints with collar tip - Bangkok.
Bottom : Layered Chiffon Maxi - Supre.
Bag : Balenciaga.
Belt : Tiger Emblem waist clincher - Bangkok.

Dress : Baroque/Scarf printed - Bangkok.
Shoes : Jelly shoes - Bangkok
Belt : Brown with Gold embellishing - Vietnam.
Bag : Chanel.

Okay thats all for now!
I think my style definitely *I hope* improved after 2010.
Shall find old pictures if I can, then y'all can tell the difference!
Haha. Right now, I am into, studs, tinfoil prints, laser cuts & all thing denim, thanks to le' boyfs influence.

Till then, x.


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