Marlboro M-Scape VIP Lounge/Experience at Moto GP 2012.

So it was a weekend where I chose to stay home so I could wake up EARLY for this!
And it was so worth it! Read on to know why (;

Well, we all gathered at Zouk Club, KL which was the meeting point.
I was glad cause I didn't have to drive to either places, Zouk or Sepang International Circuit.
Everything was planned out for me that day yayyers. What can possible feel better than just laying back, relax and just go with the flow? Obviously it was all in the hands of the great team behind Marlboro M-Scape!

The girls Povy, Jane and I.
Enjoying our McD's breakfast while waiting for the busses to arrive.

Hashbrown and tea in the morning for us both!

Finally boarded the bus, we took the last bus and it wasn't pack so we got to chat the whole to Sepang though I fell asleep half way, hahah it was too early for me but like I said, since no driving on my behalf was needed, I managed to catch some Z's on the way there.

Me prolly thinking 'Why this girl always giggling away ah?' hahah. I am kidding! Jane is always bubbly and giggling away. Finally we reached our destination!

First thing hopping off the bus was hearing the loud engine sounds speeding on the track. Woah I miss this. The adrenaline rush and the excitement in me tingled. We were escorted to the M-Scape Lounge. 

With the lovely staff at M-Scape Lounge.
Before finding a spot to settle our handbags and what nots down, we took a little tour around the place.

TV screens at every corner to make sure everyone was up to date with the scores and all that.

Then the crowd gathered and we walked up to the stage/DJ console wondering what's the big fuss about. Then we saw Valentino Rossi on stage! Omg his accent is so sexy hahaha.

Fancy suits, helmets, gloves, and boots were on display too. A pair of gloves and helmet signed by Valentino Rossi himself was given out later on that day.

Loads of interactive games around for us to play and win little goodies to bring home!

With the girls decked out in our Ducati caps, neck bearing loads of tags and all that.
Got our places to sit and rest for a bit, enjoying light refreshments before the Pit Walk was opened.

After a couple of hours of mingling, chatting away, drinks after drinks we headed down for the Pit Walk.
It was a bright sunny day, thank god I was in something super comfortable and sport shoes. Yes sport shoes, though not the most glamourous choice of footwear (well, to me. They make me look kiddy) I was thanking my lucky stars for wearing them or else I would be absolutely tired to the bone from all that walking! Salute to Povy for walking in heels the whole day haha.

Fooling around but fast reflects we managed to pose a bit for a supposedly candid shot haha.
We were actually amazed with the garages and the teams and all the hard work and details put in by the teams in hopes to make the bikes work perfectly fine during the races.

Proper picture of us girls, look my feet looks tiny *face palm*.

Pretty ladies from different teams.

They were giving out flyers/posters which are collectibles to motor enthusiast.
While we just wanted to take pictures with all of them. 

It was a good day as it rained earlier in the morning, so it wasn't scorching hot and we weren't sweating buckets as we did the Pit Walk.

Spotted the Ducati's team garage.
They're maintaining the bikes all the time! Just to make sure they're in perfect shape!
Can't believe I'll be going on one of them later, yikes.

Couldn't help but to pose infront of the garage too.

Jane, Povy and I.

& one with the track/pit behind us.

It was a long walk no doubt, but a fun one too!

No one crosses the blue line!

Look at the number of people *not after the blue line* walking the pit.
Well we then made our way back up to the Lounge, in need for some aircond!

So we had our lunch at the lounge, and it was awesome.
Seriously best catered lunch for an event ever.
There was fresh salad, prawns, lamb, pasta and salmon.
I had 3 rounds of salmon, I just loved the sauce and everything ; eventhough I shouldn't be stuffing myself with so much as I was going for the bike but I couldn't help it. So effing good! :D

So after lunch we rest our filled tummies for a while before heading down for briefing.
There were forms to be signed, safety precautions for us to know, and also a simple medical check-up.
Nothing to be afraid of, no needles involved haha.

My blood pressure was all good!
So I was ready to go, yay! I was really nervous and scared at the same time.
I was first told by Tim that it'll prolly go to 200 km/h or less but when I was there, Randy Mamola said we'll prolly hit 300 km/h and my jaw just dropped. I was freaking out. 300 km/h was freaking fast! 

Got all suited up and ready. The suit was quite heavy, especially for me. Walked like a penguin from the briefing room to the pit where we were given a few more tips, things to be aware of and etc before we got to be a pillion rider on the bike. 

So basically me and Povy were the first to go, doesn't help with the fact that I was scared as hell but excited at the same time. 

I remember the whole experience. My rider was Randy himself, and he started of with a 'wheelie' and zoomed off on the straight stretch of road. I think, I screamed for the first three seconds and then gave up as the wind was really really strong. I remembered I held on tight *for my dear life, hahaha* as I was already so nervous I guess it was a natural reflect. First curve was okay, I could see the corner and the ground but it was still far away, and he did slow down too, second curve was still slow cause it was right after the first, still not too bad ground very far away. Then to the third was a quick one though, kinda panicky after that. Then it was the forth, I don't remember him slowing down that much, he prolly thought I got the hang of it and he wanted to add a little more 'challenge' into the ride. This time I was pretty close to the ground I closed my eyes for a bit. The next curve and the remaining ones... I just freaked. The ground was up SO CLOSE I was just like starring at it for the few seconds till we passed that curve or something, didn't help when I know we're going super super fast. It was a thrill, my heart has never beat so fast with fear, adrenaline and excitement. The last stretch before the end line, he accelerated so much and ended with a.. I dont know what's it called, basically the back of the bike was up in the air, and end. 

I got off, stood at the side, took a deep breath and walked back to the pit.


At that moment I didn't want to go again, I was shaking.
But as I am writing this, I definitely want to go again. Mixed feelings I told you, mixed feelings.

Well here's a snippet of the MotoGP pillion ride, its purpose and so on.

Web-cutting credited to Ducati's/Silverstone MotoGP's official site.

I am really thankful for the once in a lifetime experience! Thanks for the invite Malboro M-Scape. It was a day filled with fun and laughter, everything taken care for me, the fantastic lunch, the really cool and comfortable lounge for all the participants and guest for the event, and also the pillion ride experience.

I love all the goodies I got! *though I want the Ducati bag too, anyone wants to give it to me? ): * From the helmet & gloves I got from my ride, to the caps, tags, t-shirt, and keychains. Love love it! 

It'll be a memorable event I sure won't forget!

Till then, x.


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