✈ Melbourne ♡ 2012 [pt. VI] ✈

Continuation from my post here.
Just a simple fun one (:

I remembered this dinner, was a recovery dinner from the crazy night of partying before.
So we treated ourselves to yummy ribs and steaks at Squire's Loft at Docklands.
By we, I mean Su, Melinda, Jojo, Rachel, KaiYoung.

Look at my sleepy face and his wide awake face.
Seriously, he's a freaking vampire. Speaking of which, it was his nickname I gave him all along haha.

Suphanne's ever so busy on her blackberry.
Haha kidding all of us girls were snapping away on our phones and posting up pictures to our Facebook, typical! 

My T-Bone steak in creamy garlic sauce, omg just typing this out is making me drool.
Look at everything we ordered, cheese baked mushrooms is the bomb! & the boys had ribs nomnomnoms.

The next day we took a stroll on the upper north side of Melbourne's CBD.

It was a beautiful day, sunny and cooling ; it was lovelier than ever.
The gorgeous scenery all around, the amazing architecture.
& the small details on everything.

See what I mean?

Loving this door handle, I want the same thing for the entrance of my own place next time!
It'll totally go along with the mod interior of my house hehe.

Ended up at Lygon for some Italian dinner.
Have to have my beef carpaccio as per-usual. 
& some oysters too.

Had pasta & rissoto for our mains, but forgotten to snap pictures as always -___-

The next day we walked along the Yarra River.
Ended up playing and wrestling on the grass, just cause we can hahaha.

Look at the silly boy of mine!

Just us, being.. well us haha.
The silliest things we do when we're all alone hmm.

Anyways been having a few good weather days in a row, definitely calls for some shopping.
Hence, me baby and WaiHann raided Chaddy for the Chaddy VIP sale.

The huge palm trees reminds me of Los Angeles.
had a quick lunch before we zoomed off for some shopping.


After a full day and I really mean full day out shopping, we headed to 7 Nights for karaoke with the bunch.
From a few bottles of beer to whisky to tons of bottles of beers.

From that you get guys being very brotherly and my darl Emmelyn making cute poses when she's tipsy hahaha.

and that's when my boyf would start singing and talking a lot, like a lot being so social like you've never seen or heard before haha. 
and Hopefully he doesn't reads this :p

So thats about it, till the next one. You can check out more previous Holiday Escapades here.

Till then!


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