Miss World Malaysia 2012 : Visit to sponsors ♥

I really got no idea how to properly start this Miss World Malaysia post, so... I decided to start with our visit to the sponsors!

I guess most of you know about the starting and also maybe the end result but nothing about the ongoing process right? Haha. So here goes. 

We have a few sponsors, our major sponsor will be K-Link Corporation.
They are major producers of skincare, health supplements and even a body-line/range of inner wear for women.

This was taken the day we had a brief introduction about the products sold at K-Link.
The usage, the benefits and everything. You can see that all the girls were paying so much attention, myself included.

We even made a trip to the KL Bird Park that day itself.

Where we took a stroll around the bird park, fed parakeets and also got to see different species of birds.
Oh we got to touch, hold and feel chicks and baby ducks too!

Not only that we planted a plant and I will go back soon to check up on the process of it, just for memory sake! haha.

Thats a Chlorophyl Drink by K-Link, eliminates toxins while supplying the body with good vitamins to help with the digestive system.

We were all given a goodie bag filled with goodies to try out!

On another separate night, we were whisked away in the latest models of Volkswagen cars to the newly opened VW showroom located at Old Klang Road.

We got to check out the latest models of the Golf & Scirocco.

All smiles for the camera!
We were quite hungry as we got stuck in traffic and missed dinner, so when the lights and cameras weren't pointing we were hiding at the corner noming on the finger food and light snacks, and boy were they good haha.

Two Jocelyns beside me!

& with the darling Yvonne, who is the current title holder of Miss World Malaysia.
Who also just got back from Mongolia not too long ago!

It was indeed a fun night out for us at least, every day was mostly filled with practices and fittings that come night fall we were all too tired to do anything, let alone get out of the house.

Hence, it was a great night out.
Giggles and laughters all night long!

Anyways I will continue on with another post soon.

Till then!


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