Gold Coast 2012 ;

Hey there!
I wonder how's the weather like in Kuala Lumpur right now. I hope it's still not rainy and depressing /: though I am all the way in Australia now hehe.

Got here last week, and in a day or two flew to Gold Coast. My favourite city in Australia!

Something's wrong with my blog uploader thingy, it seems that I've reach the quota for pictures and such hence, my blog updating is failing miserably. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible but here's an outfit of the day look/picture :


Cap : Comme Des Fuckdown, SSUR - Boyfriend's one.
Tee : Aztec prints, Topman
Skirt : Asos
Shoes : Fiorruci
Bag : Saffiano Tote mini, Prada.

I have loads of pictures to share with you, eventhough my camera died. Like literally died. Stupid battery failed on me when I got all the way here. I think my pictures will all be from my iPhone ):

Till then!


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