his winter, my spring ❤

It's been a while since I wrote a personal post.
Well okay, here's one.

The boyfriend was back for his winter break. And of course we did all the loveydovey stuff a normal couple would do. Plus, this is a LDR we have all the rights to be extra lovedovey haha. With him around its always exploring new things, new places, and oh he loves feeding me. Like, we'll be having tons of meals a day and stuff. Explain's why my face is always so bloated and round when he's around.

So we headed to Port Dickson for a nights getaway. Too much drinking and partying is just really, too much.

So we did a short road trip to the South East coast of Peninsular Malaysia, along Morib and Sepang. Going through the little tiny 'back road' because I wanted to bring him to this little restaurant by the bay. They have super fresh seafood and it's sooooo yummy! 

See what I mean? We had a few more dishes other than that three above but I can't remember what.
&looking at this pictures now isn't helping my forever growling tummy. The freshness of the seafood, and the sweetness of the prawns and especially the pomfret mmm yums!
All of this for just less than RM100 spent! 

Then after lunch we made our way to Port Dickson.

We actually got lost a couple of times, cause of my failure to remember exactly where this restaurant is and also everything looked about the same to me. Trees, beach and cows. But finally we made it to my condo yay!

It was quite gloomy and it was evening already so we didn't expect much. All we wanted to do was to chill and relax, thats about it. Thank god it wasn't packed!

So for dinner, I brought him to another infamous restaurant in Port Dickson to have Curry Hot Pot with  Seafood! The balance of the prawns I bought earlier that day at Morib, I just put them all in this hotpot. Hahaha, my love for prawns.

Maybe this doesn't look that appetizing but trust me, its the jizz.
There's two places that serves this. One is at New Sea View Village, and this one which I forgotten the name though I've been here a million times lol. I prefer this one because the soup base is sweeter cause of the extra herbs and spices, plus they have chicken nuggets inside which my dad especially loves and also this silly Vampire boy of mine do too.

After an awesome dinner, we headed back to the condo and continued watching the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. Seriously, it is such a good movie I'll watch it again!
Over all I had a great day, good food all the way, sight seeing and a movie night in, cuddling and falling asleep together hehe. Called it a night after, then up for an early day chilling by the beach and swimming!

So I had to teach this boy how to swim but it was all good, at least he didn't drown hahaha.
After a two day one night trip it was back to the concrete jungle.

Other days were spent with more indulging in good food and walking around lepaking in shopping malls. By the way, did y'all hear? Lepak is an official word now according to Oxford.

Tried out the new restaurant at Paradigm Mall called Paradise Dynasty. Well everyone was talking about it so we had to try it out.

Loving the interior, especially the huge buddha with water flowing. Just gave a very peaceful settling ambience for us diners.

So looking through their menu, it was quite appealing. Lots of varieties to choose from! From La Mian to Xiu Long Baos and all that. 

You can have a-la-carte or even dishes to share!
Too bad it was only two of us, and it was past our lunch time, we just came to try the Xiu Long Bao's.
Nevertheless we did try their single dishes.

He ordered this porky soup noodle thingy.
Okay I suck with remembering things.

eeeks, so cuteee.
Didn't know there was a specific way of eating them, like a proper order to eat which color/flavor first. We just simply chose one color for each of us and then we tried and guess the flavor, quite fun tho haha. But I accidentally took the szechuan flavoured one and it was not really towards my liking, too spicy!

Another separate day, we headed to KLCC. Just cause we wanted some where we can walk and just chill without having to be squised with people all around. Basically we wanted to see the sun and to be outdoors too.

Outfit of the day! 
Happy mood means bright colors (:

After a horrid dining experience with an unsavory totally not fresh dish of cod fish at The Apartment, I brought him to Bone & Pot. Hoping to clear our ruined tastebuds from lunch.
But we got a tad bit greedy and over ordered *face palm*.

That was just half of what we ordered.
Nevertheless, it was a yummy yummy dinner! :D
happy girl is happy yayyers.

&of course having my partner in crime and food lover is just major plus points!

Any suggestions or ideas about the latest and tastiest places you guys know of?
Please do share!

Till then,


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