✈ Melbourne ♡ 2012 [pt. VII] ✈ // Showtek.

Hello once again, its another round of my Melbourne post ; there's 700+ pictures, what do you expect? heh. Here's my first post for ✈ Melbourne [pt. I] ✈ this year. Just to refresh your mind, and for other holiday posts you can always find them here

So it was a beautiful day, hence we walked along Flinders all the way to Federation Square because I just love taking strolls around Melbourne. This time, we had a little bit of time to kill as we woke up quite late and wanted to wait for dinner, or else we'll prolly end up having supper as dinner. 

I just love the ACMI building, it feels and looks so artsy fartsy.
We were so tempted to try out the cafes around but we don't drink coffee and we didn't want to eat just yet. We found sun chairs around the end of the area, so we just sat there. For a good whole hour, looking around, chit chatting and just basically lazing. Hey, its fun! You don't get to have time off like that in Malaysia.

We were freezing cold, but it was just nice. The weather, the sun was still up, everything was perfect!
But obviously we couldn't stay for long or we'll freeze ourselves to death. Hence we explored a bit. Jeehoe and Davern told us about the Science/Art centre inside the ACMI building, so we decided to check it out. 

It was so worth it! Can't believe I didn't visit this place sooner.
It's like Petrosains but free entry! The nerd in me was overjoyed hehe.
We got to see, play and experience scientific art stuff.

Mainly about film making and games.

This thing below, is an illustrator of how cartoons were made to move last time. Too bad I didn't video it, or else you would prolly get what I mean. Once the lights go off, and the thing starts circling, it shows movement. Gosh I wish I knew how to explain this better! Sorry my bad /:

We got to learn about film making origins back in the days, and the current CGI process and etc.
Well it was fun, and we definitely fooled around a lot!

Check out our ACMI Timeslice here. Mind our silliness pls :p

So finally it was dinner time! Yay!
We headed to the restaurant across the street, it's well known actually.
It's called Movida. Well they have three different branches, offering three different types of menus.

Well we chose the seats facing outside, while I was sipping on wine chilling.
We got to see the hussle bussle of the city, it was peak hours outside. Thank god we were filling our tummies and being happily resting our tired aching feet from all that walking hehe.

So we had three dishes and it was super duper yummy.
Not posting the pictures up as it's quite bad quality.
But if you're ever in Melbourne, do check this place out!

Later on at night we were so prepped and hyped up for SHOWTEK!
Never got to catch them live back in Malaysia years ago. So like finally, I get to see them hehe.

Before we headed to Showtek, we dropped by Maze. It was still early for Showtek anyways.
So this was a warm up session.

Waihann, myself and Abi.

Simon and I.

And then it was off to Showtek.
Boy oh boy did I have so much fun, it was packed to the brim and the atmosphere was just amazing. The crowd was excited and the music was pumping!

They played their famous tracks and I was singing and dancing along hahaha.
My feet hurt towards the end of the night though, cause I was wearing heels so yeah -.- bad choice.

Group photo!
Snagged off HSD's facebook page.

I guess you should know most of them (in the picture) by now heehee.
It was a fun fun night! Gosh I miss Melbourne so much now.

Check out this video!

Sorry I cut it off at the exciting part, was jumping! hahah.

Till then, x.


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