#DIY : Glitter nails ♡

Here's a quick DIY trick tip.
In a rush and want your nails to grow longer?
This is what I do most of the time. When my nails get kinda long, it gets super fragile and breaks easily.  To keep the length I would paint them over with glitter and such. Not only it last for at least 2 weeks, but my nails won't break hence, being able to keep my nails super long hehe.

Step 1#

You need a GOOD base coat. Here I am using Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Strengthener.
Not only it nourishes your nails, it makes them hardier as well. Perfect if you're gonna leave the color/design on for a while.

Step 2#

 Time to slop on the glitter polish! Chose the color of your choice, mine was purple and blue glitter from Etude House, I love the dual colors and well, it's pretty girly suiting the theme of the design anyways. I wish I did a video as I am scratching my head right now figuring out how on earth am I going to explain this. Well, I am going to give it a shot.

First coat of the glitter would be pretty light, coming off as translucent most of the time, start at almost the top of the nail and paint it to the tips, you want the glitter effect to look gradient, having the tips of the nails being the heaviest part to carry most of the glitter. Then load on the second coat, from the middle to the tip of the nail, and the last step, just the tip of the nails. You should have nails looking like above by now.

Step 3# (optional)

If you aren't satisfied, or feel that you want to bling it up a tad bit more, not to fret! Use silver glitter polish to give it the diamondè effect, once again, I got it from Etude House, they have tons of glitter polishes in all sorts of colors and shapes!

 Cause sticking crystals can be a bit of a nuisance at times, as it falls off easily, prevents you from doing chores -- crystals are troublesome. So take the silver flitter polish, mine is made up of huge silver glitter, and give it one coat on top and voila!

Finish off with a top coat and..
It's done!

Till the next one xo.


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