[DIY] Lana Del Rey - Born To Die // nailart tutorial.

Okay this would probably be my first ever tutorial for anything.
And I have actually done more creative nail arts than this. 

But how can I not share this!
Gonna try to replicate my current fav idol Lana Del Rey's nail art for Born to Die.
I just cannot get enough of her, from her singing to her style.

What you will need for this manicure :

1. Base coat
2. Nude polish (if your nails are slightly yellowish or you want a more neutral base tone)
3. Red polish
4. Gold glitter polish
5. Slim/skinny paint brush or nail art brushes
6. Top coat


Step 1#

File your nails according to shape, in the video Lana has round tipped nails. In fact, round tips are in season now and you can see Rihanna and many other artist having them. Well, I always had my nails squared, time for a change! Remember to shape your nails in one direction or you'll risk chipping them or worst making them really fragile as the friction of going back and forth only creates brittle nails.

Step 2#

Start off with a base coat. This will protect your nails from the excessive use of layering nail polish colors and so on. Plus, it gives a smoother surface to paint on any sort of nail art, it also doubles up as a base color for those who have stained/yellowish nails. For instance, I used Rimmel's Whitening Base Coat, not only it whitens my nails but also give this whitish nude base, perfect for this nail art.

Step 3#

Take your red nail polish and start creating petal like shapes on both end corners of your nails. If you find this a difficult task to achieve, do some dots at the side and the middle and slowly joint them together, making it an easy guidance for your brush. Don't mind my messiness of painting my nails, I usually clean them up after I'm done with the finished product, but you can always clean the sides while painting them.

Step 4#

Now it's time to outline the "V" in gold glitter! Using a smaller paint brush, gently guide your brush on the outline of the red. Shaping it to a more concave design, exactly like Lana's! This part may seem tricky because of the thin line but it isn't as glitter tends to be less obvious. So use this to your advantage if your red line is a bit too straight or what so ever, as glitter camouflages imperfections.

Step 5#

Finish up your nail art with a top coat to protect your freshly done nails and also seal all the colours in, preventing it from chipping and wearing it out. I am using Nailene Acrylic Strong, which provides the strength of acrylic nails but not as damaging as them.

And you're done!

Here is the full result. The infamous Lana Del Rey nails from Born To Die video. Hers is definitely more longer and slimmer at the tips, but my nails aren't long enough to be shaped that way hence I tried as much as I could, if you have longer nails I would definitely recommend you to make it smaller at the tips. If your nails are short, you can just carry on with this nail art with a squared tip. 

This manicure not only elongates the fingers, its pretty feminine too. 
Best part is, it's red! Perfect for Chinese New Year. Try it out on yourself and share your creations with me or if you have any questions do drop me a comment and I will try to help you out!

I do hope, this tutorial was alright. Definitely not my best but its my first time haha.

Till then, x!


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