✈ Macau & Hong Kong ♡ 2012 (pt. II) ✈

Every day in Macau was like a full on relaxation mode for the whole family.
Nothing to rush for, breakfast is dimsum until 2pm, anything you need is a walking distance and there's something for everyone. Be it shopping, chilling, movies, of course, even gambling.

So me and the sister decided to explore the Venetian that day. Knowing how big it was since we got lost inside that day, we allocated 4 hours to cover the whole shopping area.

Outside the Venetian there were two dudes dressed in old colonial costumes.
How cute is that? 

The place was swarmped with tourist, but it wasnt as bad as the city central, like Grand Lisboa and such. It was still bearable, as we minded our own business and went to the shops we wanted to, took our time and stuff. Did some shopping at BAPE & Chanel so we got to take pictures with Santa!

Kisses for the very fat and happy Santa! Hehe. 
And when we left, we took pictures with the Snowman and Gingerbreadman.

Got back to the hotel, rest, had dinner and it was time to doll up for another night at Cubic.

It was a cray cray night filled with tequila and wine. (links goes to my Instagram pics)
This is what happens when you have cray friends lol.

Woke up the next morning with a bad hangover, to make things worse, I had a ferry ride to catch for my journey to Hong Kong.  

Finally there, we checked into our rooms at Royal Plaza Hotel.
I was shocked as the lobby wasn't a wow but the room is so cosy and the deco was so mod!

Extra plus points for hotels that provides body products from known brands like Crabtree and Evelyn!
Not only that, they gave a body loofa, and so many more necessities (:
A definite recommendation, especially when the hotel is so closed to the Tsim Tsa Sui shopping street!

Oh and the day bed is just so GOOD.
Perfect view of the Kowloon district.

After unpacking and settling down, we took a walk around Tsim Tsa Sui.
I was just excited to shop haha.

Typical Hong Kong streets and small apartments everywhere.
I was told that parking here is crazy, where the charges are quite high and the parking lots for apartment owners are far from their place.

Anyhoo, we stopped by for some curry fish ball.

I must say, it was pretty delicious.
The spicy kick comes after a few bites, becareful of that, as I myself don't take spicy foods and it was a killer lol.

Did some shopping and bought some stuffs. Cause it was winter, pretty much everything was thick, long sleeved and so on. But I did post a picture of my buys on my Facebook page. Love the studded clutch the most!

More updates on my Hong Kong trip soon.
For part one, check out ✈ Macau ♡ 2012 [pt. I] ✈

Till then!

p/s : I've set up two new labels for easy browsing. Travelogue for all my trips/holidays and OOTD for post that regarding my outfit of the day. Happy browsing!


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