Polyvore Sundays 1#

Hi everyone!
Decided to start a Polyvore thing on my blog.

Every Sunday I'll post a picture created on my Polyvore that will be uploaded on this blog. 
Just some inspirations by mixing and matching things I like from brands I adore, could be the latest 'in' bag or thing or even some casual ones I already have in my closet! Haha. 


Paisley Printed Silk And Crepe Dress

\\ I adore paisley printed items! 

Givenchy Embellished suede sandals

\\ This is a must have in every girls closet! Sandals like these would go along with anything, from jeans to dress, you can dress it up or dress it down. 

Givenchy Medium bicolored Antigona

\\ The 'In' bag right now, you can find Antigona in every fashionista's closet for sure. I prefer the one with the black base and red handles but I could only find this color on Polyvore so it'll have to do.

GIVENCHY Black And Gold Obsedia 3-Rows Bracelet

\\ I've always loved this bracelet! Plus, not many are wearing it as the market is filled with other brands making it even more wanted by me hahaha.


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