#DIY : Hello Kitty French Tips ♡

Posted by : Erin Lim 

Hello ! This post will be my tutorial on how to create Hello Kitty French Tips :)
This is my first post on this blog so I hope you like it . Enjoy ! 

 You will need :

From left : Top coat , Base coat , Black nail polish , White nail polish , Red nail polish , Black striper ( Optional ) , Yellow nail polish , Dotting tool .

Start off by cleaning any excess nail polish off your nails using nail polish remover .

Apply a layer of base coat to protect your natural nails .

Paint your nail tips white .
To create perfect tips, start from the ends on both sides and then join them in the middle . 

To create those Hello Kitty eyes , use a dotting tool to draw two oval dots on each side .
If you do not own a dotting tool , a black nail polish striper would also do the trick ! 

Next, using the dotting tool , create two lines on each side of the nail for the whiskers .

 Here's how the whiskers should look like . ( Side view )

Using your dotting tool again , create a yellow horizontal oval shape right below the eyes for the nose . 

Now for the bow , start off by making a red dot (or any colour of your choice ) right above your white tips .
The size of the dots depends on how big you want your bow to be .

Draw two lines beside the dot .

 Join the lines to the dots by creating a triangle and then fill it in .

 Now you're done with the face of the Hello kitty , you can leave your nails like this if you prefer it simple .
If you want something cuter , you can add bows to your remaining nails .
Just repeat the steps on each nail .

Before painting the top coat , remember to allow your nails to dry for at least 20-30 minutes .
You do not want your design to smudge or mix with the other colours .
Paint a layer top coat and once you're done ,



Its really simple , no more expensive manicures !
have fun and good luck :)

Till then , Erin Lim x.


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