Nari & Milani at Zouk Club 2012.

I know how much I suck right now cause this post is from 2012 lol. But hey it was in December plus it's only March so 3 months aint that bad hehe.

Anyways Nari & Milani was at Zouk the night of our Anniversary. Since we were both EDM lovers we decided to go and catch them at Zouk Club KL. And thank god we did, it was definitely such a fun night! No regrets at all. 

We were staying at Prince Hotel, so we were kinda near. Had some friends over for pre-drinks and then off we headed to Zouk. I know I was gonna be jumping and dancing a lot that night so I wore flats and shorts. Didn't really care how I looked.

Brian and Howie.

Short Edric and a very unprepared me lol.

The boys in snapbacks // Howie, Davern and Shanon.

Sheryl and I // we kept on talking about Melbourne non-stop and was kinda like blocking everyone who was walking by. Not on purpose! We were just so caught up in our convo hahaha.

It was supposed to be a candid shot but Edric's ever so ready with the 'Jackie nose' pose.

Minfei, Howie and friends.

Posers Alvin, Howie and Edric.

Ester and I.

Nari & Milani on the decks!
The music was really pumping, Mainroom was really packed. Everything was just so exhilarating!

Drinks kept coming, boys kept downing.

Audrey and Howie.

Got a picture with Nari & Milani!
Omg they were so friendly and funny too haha.

Plus they really made our Anniversary night so much more special cause it was soooooo fun.
They played their hits like Atom, Brohammer and I Got My Eye on You. Of course the crowd went wild! I did too, jumping up and down and singing along to some. The way they mixed the songs and whatever DJ technicality, yeah they did it goooood.

Silly faces!
Manda, me, Michelle and friend.

We were pretty tipsy that time // Audrey & I.

Baby and I.

After Nari & Milani left we stayed on for LOUD.

Our local DJs doing their thing!
The night didn't stop and it was going on great.

We continued hopping to Phuture and Velvet after LOUD ended.
The boys kept drinking while the girlfriends were all pretty tired haha.
Nevertheless a fun night!

Howie, me and Putera.

I hope they'll come back soon, Nari & Milani.


Till then, x.


Anonymous said…
Lovely and a beautiful anniversary night from the fun pictures. My anniversary was last night 12.31.13 but very unlike the fotos. Continued success.

Happy New Year 2014

Miami Beach Florida
stephiielim said…
Hi Albert, thank you. You too, blessed New Years.

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