#OOTD : kiss & tell ♡

It was the Grand Aunt's 90th Birthday at One World Hotel's Ballroom.
You know it's a huge affair when you have 90th Birthday and Ballroom in one sentence. So I actually wanted to wear this grey and black dress I had but mom was like 'No way you're looking so dull for this!'. So after a few outfit changes I decided on this dress that's been sitting in my closet for months!

Dress : Minkpink
Clutch : YSL
Watch : Casio
Earrings : YSL.

I actually didn't really like my dress at first, that's why it's been in my closet for months cause I never looked good in it, or so I thought, what do you think anyways?

But I knew it was gonna be cold, sitting in the ballroom and stuff so might as well wear it out haha.

Tough part was deciding what to match it with as there were so much going on with the dress print. Decided to keep accessories to a minimum and let the dress speak for it self. Chose red to be the main color, and thank god I got these wonderful heels from Kiss & Tell.

It just pulled my whole outfit together!

Loving how comfy the heels were, cause loads of walking around was done that night, seeing how much I have long distance cousins, aunties and uncles lol.
Regardless of the 4inch heels I still could walk non-stop without feeling tired! They are called Moschino pumps by the way, loving the Tango series too, so bright and colourful.

Oh and on another note, I've been getting a lot of comments from friends (who sees me almost everyday), even people from this dinner and even my mom, that I seem so skinny nowadays. Firstly I've only lost 2-3kgs, and I am not sick or on a crash diet or whatever out of this world ideas. I just simply lost weight maybe cause I've been watching what I eat, weird I know but I am fine. And no I don't like looking anorexic so I hope I would gain back some healthy pounds before I lose my bum haha.

Anyways do check out Kiss & Tell and get your lovely pair of heels today!
They even sell apparels, lovely dresses to begin with (:

Happy shopping!



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