It's official! ♡

First and foremost, is now !
Yes I have finally made the switch after years of being a bum. You see, I didn't know I could maintain Blogger as my host and I was reluctant cause of all the HTML complications I would have to put up with if I had to host my own domain solely. Well this blog has very well deserved it's own domain for years now thanks to you readers! 

So eventhough (I had a voting to see which name fits) .com was the winner I ended up choosing .net cause is easier to remember than, cause people might get confused with the double I's. 

coincidence or just plain freaky?

Mom and dad was telling me how they've came up with my name, Stephanie. Mom said that they were watching the Miss USA pageant and Dad liked the girl/name Stephanie who was a finalist in that pageant, so all of did some googling and look what we found, she won the Miss Photogenic title too!

That freaked me out for a bit, lol. So I guess it was meant to be that haha.

Stay tune to more upcoming post!

p/s : I have upgraded to Google+ which I've yet to figure what's it all about, and also my comment form is more organised now. I've seriously been living under a rock.

Till then, x.


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