✈ Langkawi 2013 ♡ ✈

Short getaway to Langkawi with the family, couple weeks back.
And I just got back from Koh Samui not too long ago, I was quite tanned but still stoked to get away from Kuala Lumpur. The crazy jam and weather can be really annoying at times.

Early morning flight departing Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
This plane of MAS was so comfy! The interior was refurbished, with comfy leather seats.

The annoying sister and her Spongebob.
So anyways I spent my hour listening to Calvin Harris and munching on salted peanuts. 

Finally we reached our destination, went for a simple brunch at a Thai restaurant.
Didn't take any pics cause I was really tired. Didn't sleep the night before and the plane ride was only for an hour so, I was a walking zombie.

Being all touristy, we visited the huge eagle.

Langkawi is really pretty nevertheless, still abit undeveloped but well, some times people love things the way they are, unlike crowded beach destinations like Phuket or even Samui. So if you're planning for a beach getaway with a lot of nightlife, go to Phuket or even Samui. Langkawi is more of sightseeing, and just pure relaxation. Though massage parlors charge about RM80-100 for an hour. Spa/massage treatments available in the hotel would prolly go up to about RM300.

My outfit of the day #OOTD.
Everything from Bershka except the cardigan, clutch from Burberry, sandals from Nose.
It was super humid but I didn't want to walk around with bareshoulders cause I might end up offending the locals or something lol.

Soon after we checked into Meritius Pelangi off Pantai Cenang.
I wasn't a fan of wooden houses. But as I got into my room, I was surprised, the interior was modern, comfortable and felt so cosy! The bed was super big, it's like some supersized king bed.

The only down side of our chalet is that we don't have a bath tub.
But waking up to a view like this for the next few days is utter bliss.

The parents Chalet was definitely better.
High ceiling, same interior.

With a bath tub that faces the beach!

So anyways, the first day after checking it was spent napping on the super comfy bed, and then heading for a dinner on the beach. I didn't take any pictures cause I was too tired my bad /:

Second day, I skipped breakfast as I was still so sleepy. Got up for lunch then it was off to the beach for some suntanning ... and also picture taking sessions haha!

Loving this picture of mine, I was in a world of serenity and it just felt so calming all around. Doesn't feels like I was in Malaysia.

Jumpshots for the sister!
And some playful shots of us, we were just having some fun since we got a whole day to kill.

It was sooooo windy, the sand was actually quite coarse but the beach was clean, very untouched. But do be aware of jelly fish. I didn't dare step into the water! 

Then it was time for some suntanning!
I just love feeling the heat from the sun, while the wind brushes gently tickling my skin.
The waves crashing on the shore, and the clouds above that looks like cotton candy.

Spend the time reading, sipping on Sprite and just leaving the rest up to nature's best.

Had to protect my forehead, as you might've realized I have a big forehead, something like Tyra Banks, and when I tan, my forehead usually ends up burnt lol.

The sister being a typical asian hiding under the tree.

Later on that night we dressed up for dinner.

Dinner was mediocre, nothing much to boast about.
Nevertheless had a fun time talking away and drinking wine.

Drank quite a lot till my lips turned purple lol.

Great time with the family!

Until then!


cre8tone said…
Lovely trip.. Love your poses!~
Henry Lee said…
Only get to visit Langkawi for the first time last year, hopefully I can visit the island again but no more cable car this time. LOL
Yuh Jiun said…
I love the picture of you at the beach too :D I think I havent been to Langkawi for ages alr :/
stephiielim said…
Thank you! You should go back, it is pretty and calming! Don't have to travel abroad.
stephiielim said…
Haha I hope you could, what happened to the cable car?
Jaisy Bonie said…
Awsome website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I was wondering if you could suggest me some decent ideas for Koh Samui luxury villas. I am bookmarking your feeds in the meantime.
stephiielim said…
Thanks Jaisy! I've been to Koh Samui but I stayed in Ark Bar beach hotel. Though I know there are a few wonderful luxury villas and resorts there :)

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