Vanity Trove ♡

I am sure many of you heard of Vanity Trove by now!
It's a box, signed sealed and delivered to you with lots of love and goodies ♡
I was really stoked to be receiving mine. Wondered what will it be filled with for this month.

The packaging definitely impressed me, the box was sturdy and oozes simplicity but what can be found inside was filled with products that not only comprises of the face but also the nails!
Back to the packaging; I was really impressed as I didn't expect a hard shell box, which means I can re-use the box as something to store my accessories or even the products I have just received! I hate it when things come in packaging that you can't re-use and end up throwing them away, what a waste would it be?

Inside these April edition of Vanity Trove boxes :-

1. Perkins Nail Wraps
2. Narciso Rodriguez perfume
3. Kate Eyeshadow
4. Killa Doll Mask
5. Oriks Gemstone Nano Watery Cream
6. Clarins White Plus Total Luminescent and voucher

My verdict: I have tried the Oriks Watery Cream and I am delighted to say that I love the product! Not only my face is much more hydrated but it protects my skin under the harshness of drying for air-conditioned rooms I am always in. The Kate Eyeshadow makes smoky eyes an easy thing to achieve when all I had to do is just apply the lighter tone all over my eyelids and then the darker one close to my lash line, blending both of it where the lines meet and voila, smoky eyes. Loving the scent of the perfume, and since it's comes in a small tester-like tube I am able to carry it around in my handbag. I am still yet to try on the nail wrap, mask and Clarins but I am sure it will all be great!

Vanity Trove boxes proves to be really attentive to customers needs/wants as these products do suit us Asians the best. With weather like this, we need to hydrate our skin as much as we can. Furthermore, being observant to the fact that ladies nowadays are always on the go hence the nail wraps for that fast do it yourself manicure, pretty designs without heading to the beauty saloon and having it done! The perfume where you can carry around in your handbag to have a little pick-me-upper on the go!

It would also double up as a wonderful gift for that colleque of yours at the office, the friend you just made at class that day, or a thank you gift to your mom, sister or even cousin!

Do check out their website and page for more info :

You can even find them on Instagram and Twitter at VanityTroveMY.


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