Dorothy Perkins .my , what ? ♡

Yes, you saw that right!
 Dorothy Perkins own Malaysian website, from a thousands of items to choose from. Exquisite pieces to you first hand, before they even hit the stores!

Now you can shop from the comfort of your home just with a few clicks.

I did same late night browsing through Dorothy Perkins webstore and I was really impressed. I love how simple the layout was making browsing so easy! As you can see I was looking through their dress section. I'm a sucker for dresses hehe.

On the left you will find the 'Category' section which lets you select the style of clothing you're looking for. For example I was in the dresses section so I could easily look for casual dress, lace dresses, pencil dresses, peplum dresses and so on.

I clicked on the 'Maxi Dresses' category and I came across this...

Found this gorgeous piece!
Love the tribal design and how it flowed till the end of the skirt. On the right you have fashion picks by the people of Dorothy Perkins. Don't know what to wear? Look right! They even pair it for you.

With a new dress I definitely needed some accessories to go along with it.
So I decided to go with ...

This lovely Blush Bow Clutch!
Loving the color, and how there's two different textures on it.
Perfect for my maxi dress!
*don't mind the out of stock written there, luckily for me I selected it earlier*

Now onto purchasing it, well it is rather simple actually.
All I had to do is add my items to my 'bag' then click 'my bags' then 'checkout', and I was directed to this page. Clicked on the create an account, just cause it would be easier if I were to make a purchase in the future. 

After I've selected my payment method, keyed in my details and so on, my order was complete!
All I had to do now is to wait for my confirmation letter which is automatically sent to my email.

I was so excited to have my parcel delivered to my doorstep!
Best part is, it only took a week to arrive.

A very convenient carrier bag.
Proper packaging as all my stuff arrived clean and in one piece, cause you know sometimes the postal service can be slightly rough with items /:

Inside :
Tribal Maxi Dress, Bow Clutch, and an envelope with a sticker incase of you need to return the item if it's damaged! Major plus for that.

Overall I am really happy with my items, I haven't seen the dress I ordered in stores yet and I can't wait to do an outfit of the day post for you guys. It's been a while. I am also very pleased with the prompt service by the Dorothy Perkins team!

So what you waiting for ladies?
Head on to Dorothy Perkins and shop now!

There's an ongoing promotion for free delivery if you purchase above RM249.
Happy shopping!

Till then, x.


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