Howie's Birthday ♡ [pt. II]

So I took the boyfriend to Sage at The Gardens Residences at Midvalley City for his birthday dinner.
I booked a few places actually cause I didn't know where to go but I finally settled with this.
And luckily I did not regret!

We were seated at a cosy corner as I requested cause sometimes fine dining can be really intimate and it is so quiet, that it tends to get awkward if you accidentally raised your voice in excitement lol.

So we ordered our own sets and waited for our food to be served.
In the mean time, compliments from the chef.

I forgot what it's called but it's filled with squid and prawn with a crispy outer layer, the sauce was mayo with a slight touch of wasabi.

For starters the boyfriend had the Sea Urchin topped with Caviar along with Angel Hair Pasta.

The taste of salty and sweet went perfectly well together, and the silkiness of the pasta was just delightful.

For me, I ordered the Seared Foie Gras with Dark Grapes and Red Wine Reduction.

Halfway through the meal, I remembered what Erin told and showed me of ducks being locked captive and food stuffed down their throat that I couldn't finish this meal. I felt horribly bad. So I passed it to baby. No doubt it tasted so good but I felt so bad. Worst still we had dishes containing foie gras. I didn't even eat any that night. And that is probably the last time I'm ordering it.

Anyways baby's second appetizer, Seared Foie Gras with figs and olive oil.
The dishes he ordered was from the higher range menu, hence, a better quality foie gras.

Now for our mains :-

He ordered the Wagyu.
Tender, juicy, just wonderful.

While I ordered the  Aiguillette of Glazed Duck Breast with Radish and Foie Gras.
See how every dish I ordered had Foie Gras /: I didn't finish any of the Foie Gras and handed it all to the boyfriend. After this meal neither of us will be ordering any Foie Gras. Due to the treatment of the animals we're against consuming it now.

I love how the duck meat was so tender and juicy.
The sauces for every dish never fails me, not too empowering but still giving it the extra flavors.

After we've finished our main course, we went for a stroll while we slowly let all the food digest, while all the yummy flavors were still tingling in our mouth.

My outfit of the night.
River Island dress, Lipstick heels, Yves Saint Lauren clutch, Kelvin Gems jewelry.

US ♡

The waitress came to notify us that our desserts were ready to be served.

He had the Creme Brulee with Vanilla ice cream.
Light fluffy and plus points for the ice cream as you could see there's vanilla seeds in it! So fragrant.

I ordered the Dark Chocolate Fondant with Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream as it seemed to be quite popular with all the patrons. 
The earl grey ice cream was just delicious! Never tried earl grey before. The fondant was not too bad, not the best I had either but still okay.

Well we continued with some more chatter and sipped on more wine.
Left with a full tummy, but not so for the boyfriend as he is a huge eater.
Nevertheless I enjoyed the evening and he did too. Lovely place to dine for that special occasion or just an intimate evening with some special or even girlfriends!

Me and boo.

I hope he enjoyed his birthday dinner treat, and this wasn't even the end of it.
The boy had a total of four celebrations this year!
Check out the first one here.

Till then!


Yuh Jiun said…
Love your dress! And the foods are sinful T_T
stephiielim said…
Thanks! (: yes, the food eaten that night was really sinful :x

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